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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/11/2006 2:38:28 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/19/2006 2:04:20 AM EST by MrsGungho]
For those who remember I posted not long ago about SB54 and how SB54 improves the application and renewal process for handgun licenses.
Here is the review for the hearing

On SB. 54, Sen. Nugent did an excellent presentation on why Indiana needs to upgrade the handgun carry process to bring our state in line with the 21st century. He took a few question and then the committee allowed those who wanted to testify to come forward.

All four of us took our turns. We all made our points and some of us took a few questions. The faces of most of the committee members seemed to turn more friendly. The state police representative then took his turn and to our surprise started off with a statement of support of the measure.

However, he brought up the point of funding the web site and claimed that it would cost $200,000. Many of the members seemed to not buy that price tag. Then Sen. Waltz, who is probably in his thirties and who none of us had the slightest idea that he would have any interest in guns at all took the floor.

He exclaimed how he had sent his carry permit in three months ago and still had not received his license. When he asked Sgt. Carnell to explain that the sergeant had no answer. Things only got better for us after that.

Sen. Young then proposed that since he seen someone getting their hunting and fishing license at a grocery store why not let folks get their carry permit renewals at the same kind of stores or a bait and tackle store for example. The state trooper was again caught off guard, stated that there should be some reasonable restrictions on getting those permits. That answer didn't seem to set to well with the committee.

Sen. Steel jumped in on the funding issue and suggested that if they need that kind of money for the web site then we could increase the permit fee five or ten dollars for on line applications. These were all good proposals that addressed the issue head on.

When the trooper suggested federal funding that brought Sen. Waltz out again when he said he does not have a great deal of faith in federal funding and he indicated that he was having enough trouble getting his permit as it was without having the feds involved.

Because of the question over funding Chairman Sen. Long requested to postpone the vote for one week until that issue could be resolved.

After the hearing the four of us met with Sen. Nugent to talk about what's next. He told us that if this bill goes to a finance committee it could be in trouble because of the state tightening it's purse strings.

Sgt. Carnell then joined us and told us that last year we did catch them off guard with this bill and their first response was to oppose it. He said afterwards someone in the ITD admitted that this bill indeed would be beneficial and cost effective. He said they will support a similar bill if one comes from the House. We then told him about Rep. Woodruff's HB 1176. He made note of it.

Then Sen. Waltz stepped out and shook our hands and seemed quite happy with our efforts. Shortly after, Sen. Howard who openly admits he does not like guns and challenged us during the testimony came out and reiterated his disdain for guns. Though he can be obstinate he was a bit friendly to us. When he made the comment that those who live by the sword will die by the sword, Sen. Waterman stated then he would die by the sword. My kind of Senator.

What each of you need to do is call your particular state senator's office at 1-800-382-9467 and ask them to support SB 54. Then call you state representative at 1-800-382-9842 and ask for support for HB 1176. You might consider calling Sen. Longs office and thank him for giving SB 54 a hearing and to please support it.

Link Posted: 1/11/2006 4:18:47 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/11/2006 4:19:44 AM EST by jaeger_1969]
Senator John Waterman..former sheriff in Sullivan County. He's a man to watch.

From all my dealings with him, he's a straight shooter and is decidedly pro 2nd. He has little patience with bad government and tends to set the record straight when he can.

I voted for him!

Then Sen. Waltz stepped out and shook our hands and seemed quite happy with our efforts. Shortly after, Sen. Howard who openly admits he does not like guns and challenged us during the testimony came out and reiterated his disdain for guns. Though he can be obstinate he was a bit friendly to us. When he made the comment that those who live by the sword will die by the sword, Sen. Waterman stated then he would die by the sword. My kind of Senator.

Link Posted: 1/12/2006 3:15:01 PM EST
Some research on this red herring.

I spoke to XXXXXXXX at Access Indiana. Learned a few things. There are many Indiana licenses to be applied for and renewed online. http://in.gov/ai/licensing/
State fees are paid online with a $1 fee for processing and $1 for the instant access available online. I think that is a double charge to the user. Attached is a txt file of many of the licenses links on this website. These agencies do not pay for hosting and development of the website www.in.gov. Special page development or special interconnections to state systems may require start up fees of some kind. I understand the state maintains the connection and hardware may be split. XXXXXXXX made it clear Xhe was not willing to provide anything in writing. She gave me the name, number, and email for the offices general manager. XXXXXXXX ########### XXXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.in.gov
I understand XXXXX is out until Tuesday. I can pursue this further.
As I read the note about the initial # of $200k growing to $300k in less than 3 days I have to believe this is hidden resistance to our effort. The admitted knee jerk response of last year lowered my respect for general administration at the state level much lower than before. I am guessing the 200k was not enough to generate enough pause for the ISP. They could be shooting for the moon so to speak just in case they have a chance to get it. Maybe this is going to finance some new leather chairs in the posts. I could see this buy 3 fulltime dedicated resources with new servers, internet access, and additional clerks to process the data. Pure speculation on my part.
One specific point XXXXXX made was about a dedicated resource. One person to manage the site and develop the pages and links. I could understand that for an added 100k but not 300k. ISP already has an internet presence. I cannot believe expanding the function of what is currently online could cost so much. Again I think of some deep pockets making so much of Indiana's sales tax revenue disappear and never see the books.
State inspector general may through the AG's office be able to provide a legitimate comparison of a web site process with secure forms and payment system. I caught your wife and she told me the number for the DNR website. Must be a whole lott of nice mountain homes in the Rockies recently. Again I am reminded of corruption for an IG to look into.
I hope they are worried about more than higher tobacco taxes.
Link Posted: 1/15/2006 5:49:28 PM EST
Heres what I think,
Why should I have to pay 1cent for a permit? Let alone pay 5 or 10 more dollars for the renewal that already costs about 35$!! In fact why should I have to have a permit at all? I say make the criminals (most of which should be in jail anyway) keep papers saying why they shouldn't carry. Why can't we use BMV records for handgun permits? It should be assumed that everyone can and does carry a gun. If they can't for legal reasons, note it on their drivers license.
This is America for cryin out loud! I am a free, hard working, law abiding citizen and I feel like I should be able to carry anything, anytime, anywhere, and anyway I want to.
Thank you MrsGungho for following this subject and for making me aware of it.

Link Posted: 1/19/2006 2:07:22 AM EST
An update letter from those directly involved.

I received a letter late this evening from Rep. Troy Woodruff about the status of his bill HB 1176. He wrote in his letter that Rep. Ruppel, who is the chairman of the committee that this bill is in has stripped Troy's language out and inserted his own in it's place.

Reading that and knowing how Ruppel did us last year I got to tell you I was fired up real fast. I just got off the phone from talking to Rep. Woodruff. At the time he was not sure what the language was but said the state police and the NRA approved of it. Naturally that had us both worried.

I have since found the bill which is HB 1235. It basically reads the same as Sen. Nugent's original bill SB 0054. Except it would allow for electronic permit application provided that there would be federal funds to establish and maintain the electronic application system. It also would require the state police to participate in the National Instant Background Check System (NICS).

This is what Sgt. Mark Carnell suggested in the senate hearing when we were up there. In my opinion there are two things here that I find disturbing.

First, is that getting federal money, (which probably AIN'T GONNA happen) involved means getting feds more involved in state policy, something I think Senator Waltz made clear he did not want, nor do we.

Secondly, is that the state police already is involved in gun transfers. In fact, it would be a great deal better if they stayed out of it all together and just allow the dealers to call the NICS into the feds alone. The way it works now dealers must call both agencies as it is and generally the fed check takes but a few minutes whereby the call into the state can take hours, on the gun dealers dime on the long distant phone call.

Anyway, Rep. Woodruff tells me he was very upset at first but has devised a way to make this work to his and our delight. As I understand it he will let Ruppel's bill come out of committee and amend the lifetime language in it on the floor. This will be a good move for then it will force everyone to show their cards if they truly are pro gun.

It will then go to the senate where any bad language can be stripped away and then go to conference. Sen. Nugent and Rep. Woodruff would be the conferee's which should put things in gear.

Now if I have errored anywhere in this letter I'm sure our good friends Sen. Nugent and Rep. Woodruff will let me know and I will pass it on to all of you.

I've been getting letters from some of you wondering what has been happening with the carry bill, so here it is.

I am confident that we have two of the finest legislators working on our behalf as well as Julie Halbig who is working with Rep. Woodruff on this.

I want all of you to remember the efforts that these legislators are putting forth. You tell your friends and acquaintances what is happening here to improve conditions for gun owners in Indiana. The actions that these two are taking can be difficult and time consuming. These two legislators are busy on other committees and bill hearings besides the one we have. I urge all of you to take a little time and call their offices at the Capital and thank them. I'd appreciate it and I know they would.

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