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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/30/2006 8:41:44 PM EDT
An e-mail I just got from www.missouricarry.com

"Dear MissouriCarry.com Member,

January is here and that means all kinds of new things
to look forward to. There are lots of changes going on
at MissouriCarry.com and tons of events that you need
to know about.

Special elections are in JUST A FEW DAYS for Jefferson
County residents that may change the face of our pro-gun
State Congress. Details on that below.

An exciting raffle is being held by the GCLA that you
just can't afford to pass up.

And special committees are soon going to be formed to
help with the growing responsibility of keeping
MissouriCarry.com up to date with the thousands that log
on to its main page every week.

Last week, we saw over 748,000 hits to its main page. That's
not only a record, but an extreme growing pain as people
continue to look towards MissouriCarry for information
and guidance concerning Missouri's right to carry law.

So read on and be sure to tell all your shooting buddies
about us.




GCLA is raffling off probably the sweetest piece of gun
hardware I've ever seen.

Its an AR-15 .223 cal rifle.

THATS NOT ALL! This is a one of a kind Henry Bowman
Commemorative rifle with a collapsible stock and
custom finish.

This prize rifle was donated by Class 3 firearms dealer
and world renowned author John Ross, who most of you know
wrote the widely acclaimed smash hit, "Unintended
Consequences". In this excellent 863 page whopper of a
book, we see the main character, Henry Bowman, grow up
and witness the erosion of our second amendment rights.

I won't spoil it for you if you haven't read it but let
me tell you that I have never been to a gun show anywhere
in the country where I didn't see his book for sale.

Here are some pictures of the rifle:


This rifle is sure to be a prize every red blooded
American would want in their gun safe so don't delay in
buying a raffle ticket NOW!


Don't delay, get your tickets today!



Did you know that on February 7th, there are three elections
that could change the face of a current pro-gun state
congress? Did you know that if we don't act, that three
socially liberal candidates may gain ground in Jefferson

If you live in the areas of:

Pacific, MO
Eureka, MO
Valley Park, MO
Arora, MO

Then you need to grab your gun buddies, and all your
friends and family and get to the poles on February 7th!

The candidates listed below and are very pro-gun
conservative candidates.

Citizens for Dwight Scharnhorst
PO Box 434
Valley Park, MO 63088

Citizens for Ed Groom
PO Box 105
Pacific, MO 63069

Eric Seifried for State Representative
PO Box 1005
Aurora, MO 65605

More info: http://www.mogop.org/specialelections.php

In fact, Ed Groom is a life NRA member and the former owner
of Wayside Guns and Archery. He needs YOUR support.

Don't just stay home and think someone else will get the
job done. We must keep a pro-gun majority with our elected
officials if we want to pass pro-gun legislation in the
coming months and years.

Get to the poles if you live in districts: 93, 105, or 132.
February 7th!!!


I can't stress enough how important this is!!!!!!


Special Committees

Starting in February, we will be looking for a few fine folks
to serve on website commitees here at MissouriCarry.com.

The committees will be the following.

Events Committee
Members Committee
Picnic Committee
Forum Committee

We are looking especially for one or two people that have
php or HTML experience and would feel comfortable with working
with FTP. Other than that we need a few people who would just
help in keeping tracks of large amount of paper work when
it comes to members records.

The BOD will be responsible for overseeing the committees work
and helping out as much as possible.

Be sure to contact staff@missouricarry.com if you would like
to offer your help.


2006 Gun Rights Rally!!


The 2006 Rally will be on Thursday, February 23, 2006 at
the Capitol Rotunda. Come dressed to impress and meet fellow
gun owners from around Missouri.

This will also be a great opportunity to meet your elected
state representative and senator. We would advise you to
call ahead and ask your state rep or senator for an
appointment before the event so they can expect you and have
time set aside to visit.

DATE: Thursday, February 23rd.
TIME: 09:00 AM

Take a day off work, call in sick, make whatever arrangements
you have to make to BE THERE!!!

When legislators see a large crowd of voters outside their
offices, funny things tend to happen. We must have a large
turnout and THAT MEANS YOU!

Need a ride? Don't use gas prices as an excuse to not
attend. Log on to the MissouriCarry forum and look for a
car pool. We understand some people don't have the cash
for gas but don't let that keep you from being there.

This is much more important than your pride so log on the
forums and tell us you need a ride and someone will come
and get you.

Buses are also leaving from the St. Louis and KC area that
morning and you can ride for $15 with other gun owners from
the area.

Departrue from commuter lot at 44 and 141 at 5:45 am and
from Zumbehl and 70 at about 6:30am. Cost is $15. contact
John Cuba at (636) 861-9265.

For Kansas City area bus contact WMSA http://www.wmsa.net.

Do what you have to do to BE THERE!

We can't keep Missouri a gun friendly state without your

After the rally many of us will be heading to Ryan's
Steakhouse for lunch.

NOTE: You cannot CCW while at the capitol. Please leave
the iron at home.

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