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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/5/2003 12:06:20 PM EST
I got this as an e-mail from the MAF list; if anyone in RI would like to challenge this guy as to where he got his info it might be a good start since this AG just got into office.

"The Biggest Liar of the 21st Century" (New RI Attorney General)

The Outdoor Message (Northboro, MA) ^ | 6/03

Posted on 06/04/2003 12:05 PM PDT

Rhode Island gun owners were just getting over the state's previous AG, who
hated guns and simply refused to issue LTCs to the law-abiding. Those who
were turned-down by this guy (named Whitehouse, believe it or not) waited
until the new AG took office to reapply. Hey; how bad could the new AG be?

The answer is "even worse." The new AG, Patrick Lynch, makes the Brady Bunch
look like the NRA. He has sent a letter to thousands of businesses (using
your tax money, of course), which is filled with some of the biggest lies
and slander of all time. "The Message" has reprinted his letter, with
comment, naming Mr. Lynch "the biggest liar of the 21st century."
Lynch's letter urges voters to support the outlawing of toy guns. The Toy
Gun Bash will feature the crushing of toy guns in a compactor while partents
and children are indoctrinated in some of the biggest lies of all time.
Among them are the "fact that every day in America, 16 children are killed
by guns every two hours." Now, we have all heard some whoppers, but this one
takes the prize. That's "over 70,000 children killed by guns every year in
the USA." And of course, his "children" include 20-year-old drug dealers,
gang-bangers, and professional criminals.

To indoctrinate the children and adults into the belief that all guns are
bad and all gun-owners are psychotics, the toy guns at the Bash "will be
crushed in a Bash-O-Matic amid a color, light and sound experience (all paid
for by your taxes). Co-conspirators in this event are the US Dept. of
Justice (where the hell are Bush and Ashcroft on this one??), Rhode Island
Justice Assistance, Rhode Island Justice Commission (can you say 'Lunatic
Liberal?'), The New England Institute of Technology, the Provicence PD, the
Rhode Island Crime Prevention Association, radio station WHOT 106 FM, and
the Mount Hope Learning Center.

Contact Information:

Rhode Island Attorney General

Patrick Lynch (D)

(401) 274-4400

150 S. Main St., Providence, RI 02903

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