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Posted: 12/14/2005 1:34:32 PM EDT
Update on the guy from this thread, what a lovely individual




OLYMPIA — A Yelm mother said Monday that she grew uneasy as her two teenage daughters came home with their hair and nails professionally done and with money to spend but no explanation for how they earned it.

Then she found pills and marijuana in the home and confronted her daughters. What she soon learned is that a man her daughters called “Hot Dog” was giving them money and drugs and having sex with them.

“I'm just mortified with it all,” she said after watching a judge set bail Monday at $1 million for the suspect, Jamey V. Ball. “I had an inkling in the back of my mind that something was going on.”

Ball, a 33-year-old convicted sex offender, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of third-degree child rape and unlawful drug deliv-ery to a minor. He was being held on suspicion of 13 counts of child rape involving four 14-year-old girls. One of the victims is now 16.

Ball, who lives in Yelm and is married with three children, has denied having intercourse with the girls but surprised law en-forcement officers by claiming to be responsible for four murders in Pierce County and to have connections to the Russian mob.

Pierce County sheriff's investigators have interviewed Ball about his claims, but a spokesman, Sgt. Ed Troyer, said Monday that he could not yet disclose whether any of the information was accurate. Detectives still have a lot of checking to do.

“We're talking to him. We would never ignore something like that,” Troyer said. “But this wouldn't be the first time somebody's taken credit for something they didn't do.”

In court

Clad in white jail garb, Ball said little in court, other than responding tersely to questions from Judge Richard Hicks.

The mother in court said she and her daughters are scared about what he might do and what others might be saying. The mother's name is being withheld to protect her daughters' identity. The Olympian does not routinely name the victims of sexual crimes.

“It's going to take awhile. It affects us more every day. I feel he betrayed my kids,” she said tearfully.

The investigation in Yelm began when the girls' parents reported the case to police. In one case, a victim's grandmother over-heard her crying to a friend over the phone about being raped by “Hot Dog” and about fearing that he would hurt them for going to police, court documents say.

Victims' comments

The victims told Yelm and Thurston County sheriff's investigators that they had intercourse with Ball inside his workplace, Foss Car Sounds at 401 Creek St. N.E. in Yelm. On occasions, he had sex with two girls at the same time, court documents say.

One girl baby-sat for him. Another was a friend of his daughter. One girl was introduced to him through her friend, who already had had sex with the suspect.

The friend told her that he's a “cool guy” who gives her money, court documents say.

The suspect's pattern with each girl was similar, according to court documents.

He would begin flirting, touching them and asking for sexual favors, promising them money for shopping in exchange. He asked one victim: “What would you do if I took care of you and bought you anything you wanted?” while pressuring her to have sex in a bathroom, court documents say.

He gave one girl $300 in exchange for sex when she came to him in need of cash.

He gave them cash to get their nails done, or bought them dinner or promised to buy them new clothes. The girls also recalled the suspect giving them several handfuls of Vicodin, a narcotic pain reliever. He gave one victim marijuana, court documents say.

Vicodin and Percocet

Ball was arrested in the parking lot of a Lacey store where he planned to meet someone. He apparently was planning to leave the area. Inside his BMW were numerous baggies of Vicodin and Percocet in a red “Universal Studios Theme Park” bag. Ball told po-lice the drugs were valued at $140,000 and belonged to the Russian mafia, court documents say.

“This is as dangerous a person as you'll ever see in front of you, your honor,” Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Wheeler said in court while voicing suspicions about the defendant's resources to hide.

Ball has numerous previous convictions, including one for third-degree child rape in Pierce County. He is registered as a Level 2 sex offender, which the state deems as having a moderate chance of re-offending.

Sex offenders commonly groom their victims, said Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jodilyn Erikson-Muldrew, who is han-dling the case.

“It's rare to see it to this degree with multiple victims,” she said.

If charged and convicted, Ball could face eight to 10 years' imprisonment, she said.

Before his arrest, Ball already was scheduled for a Thurston County Superior Court trial on charges of arson and first-degree theft.

The charges relate to a vehicle in an auto repair shop and Ball's alleged involvement in an arrangement to steal it. The thief took the car to a location where it was stripped for parts and burned, court documents say.

In 2003, he pleaded guilty to charges involving a pickup that someone hired him and others to strip down and set ablaze. The owner filed a bogus theft claim to his insurance company. The plan was foiled by military police, who interrupted others involved with the plot while they had the pickup on Fort Lewis property.

Russian mob claim

Ball's claims to be associated with Russian criminal organizations is a surprising twist. He told a Yelm detective that he had “killed a guy” in Puyallup and was questioned by detectives several years ago.

He also claimed to have killed three people in Tacoma who were connected to mob transactions. Ball said one victim owed the mob $40,000, court documents say.

With his past involvement in auto thefts, it would not be a surprise if he had crossed paths with Russian criminal groups, which are linked to some auto theft cases, said Troyer, the Pierce County sheriff's sergeant.

The mother who attended Monday's court hearing said her daughters don't think $1 million is enough to hold Ball in custody. She said she doesn't doubt his claims.

“If he's capable of raping little girls, he's capable of anything, isn't he?” she asked.

Link Posted: 12/14/2005 1:40:23 PM EDT
Wow, nice guy.....
Link Posted: 12/14/2005 1:51:13 PM EDT
Still a scumbag.
Link Posted: 12/14/2005 4:55:55 PM EDT
Amazing change in the climate. In the 60's and 70's 13 & 14 year old girls were fodder and groupies. They threw themselves out there for Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. It was no secret. There was no internet, but there was the word on the street.

Today, those same freaks, in their 40's and 50's, are throwing each other's kids in prison for what they're doing to each other's grandchildren. How the hell do they think the kids they raised are going to act? If they raise their kids without a moral compass, they won't have one, and they won't pass it on to their kids.
Link Posted: 12/15/2005 9:07:26 AM EDT
well good, now that Ball is tied to the mob.... throw them in the river. the Mob should be enough to weigh down his body.

"Hey, that series of rape charges? i didn't do those... but since you're asking if i'm a bad-guy, i'll let you know about my Russian mob-ties and multiple homicides... just FYI guys" is this guy a retard or something?

as for The Olympian not routinely naming the victims of sexual crimes, i guess that's cool. it's kinda like saying "hey, i feed my kids... i'm the father of the year"
no dumbass, it's something you're supposed to do anyways.
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