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Posted: 6/2/2008 11:12:28 AM EST

I know, there is a "Places to shoot sticky" at the top of the forum. Most of them either aren't open anymore, or are private only.

So I'm in Cleveland for the next day, and my friend wants to try out my AR-15. Looking for a place that is has at least 100 yards, non club hourly public ranges that's within an hour drive of Cleveland. Grand River has always been my go-to, however, we learned they aren't open on Monday or Tuesdays.

Anyone help me out?
Link Posted: 6/2/2008 12:15:24 PM EST
A&A shooting in Warren(?) may be within an hour. It's about a 45min hike east on I-80 from Akron... so I can't imagine it's over an hour from the east side of cleveland.
They have outdoor pistol, rifle, Trap, and Skeet.
Link Posted: 6/3/2008 9:41:49 PM EST

Thanks for the tip, we had a great time there :)
Link Posted: 6/4/2008 10:30:35 AM EST
Oh, did you go?

Shoulda posted up! I woulda joined up. Although they don't allow Full Auto fire
I can't complain too much though. They let me explode pretty much anything I want with the Desert Eagle and the Clays are reasonably priced, imo.
Link Posted: 6/4/2008 6:53:43 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/4/2008 6:54:53 PM EST by DCN1982]
We had a great time, though probably because our group of four were the only ones there so we had run of the place. Two of my friends are true city dwellers though, and at first they thought they were gonna get chopped up into little bits leather face style when we first got there.

By the time we left, they were asking where to get AR-15's (of course I pointed them here ;)) and budgeting Sam's Choice cola cans in bulk after I introduced them to the sheer joy of "reactive" targets

They snapped some pics, I'll bug them to email them to me and post them up.
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 1:50:32 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/5/2008 1:50:54 AM EST by Pneumagger]
You want more reactive targets?

Get 20oz or 2 liters of diet Sam's Choice and drop a few mentos into them.
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