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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/9/2003 11:06:56 AM EST
Well...just got back from Rocky Forks and had a GREAT day! It was a little cool but not unbearable. There were a lot of stupid frickin hunters though. Almost no line communication to speak of! (That was a hot line warning shot, right Diabolical chicken? Frickin idiot hunter! )

Anyway....ShakyJake (and his buddy Brad), Diabolical chicken, Shi-Huang-Di, and myself spent a few hours shooting up some steel.

I just brought my 22 pump because I'm working on the AK.
Shi-Huang-Di brought his Mauser , L1A1 (which I am now officially in love with), and Ruger 22 pistol.
ShakyJake and Diabolical chicken brought the fancy DPMS bull barrel AR, a BARELY legal 12ga mossberg pump (heh heh), a 30-06 that pretty much buried one of my small hanging targets in the berm, and a Taurus 9mm (I'm finally getting the hang of those damn little pop gun thingies!!! HAHAH!!)
We hooked up with a guy named Dennis whom we have seen there a bunch of times. He has the little 10/22 bullpup I posted a while back, neat looking little plinker.

Word of caution, make sure you check to see if theres a bolt or charging handle in the AR when ole Shakeyjake hands it to you to shoot!!! HAHAHHAHAH!!! I had to dude!!!

Met another AK afficianado who had this deluxe Arsenal Bulgarian AK! Little pricey for me. And it really is a little overkill to have a milled reciever in an AK , but you want what you want right?

Anyway, we talked a lot about the next shoot and have pretty much come to the conclusion that we are all READY!!!! Super excited about the whole deal!!!!

I plan on getting out next weekend too so anyone who wants to join let me know!!!

Link Posted: 11/9/2003 2:19:41 PM EST
man, i swear--my ear is still ringing from that dumb*$$ hunter not calling hot before he shot--and he could SEE i didnt have my ears on yet

pretty bad when the woman on the line knows more about safety than the men--jason and brad said i scared them all pretty bad when i started cussing while shooting the AR--i was having trouble seeing out of his crappy scope and everyone was waiting to go downrange--i didnt realize it since i was fooling around with the gun--jason told me they were waiting and i said something to the effect ot "f*kit, they can wait if they dont even know how to be safe"
apparently the looks on their faces were pretty much about dont anger the chick with the big shiny gun

whatta buncha hoosiers

had a great time marshall--thanks for being good to brad--he thanks us several times for a "completely new and different experience'--he likes the 9mm too--jason is trying to talk him into buying one
Link Posted: 11/9/2003 4:51:50 PM EST
This is the very reason why I stay away from Finger Lake leading to deer season (and I live only 10 minutes away from the range).

Metalman, Jason and Mrs. Jason, I am glad everything was OK even though the range was crowded with idiots who have no regards to range safety.

Link Posted: 11/11/2003 6:31:22 PM EST
i know, oz, but it seemed like it would be decent weatherwise and our friend wanted to go--i think we figured just a few of us wouldnt take up too much space like a whole MODCC shoot, and we would blend in

for the most part we had a great time--jason's 9mm taurus was well used--metalman made lots of steel go plink plink with it--our friend had a great time--and i apparently scared the pants off some hunters

all in all, a good day, id say
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