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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/15/2003 2:23:20 AM EDT
Allright fellow Patriots, good news and bad news. Bad news is King Daley is vowing to come back at us in November with 1195 and 947. Good news, they can't creep up on us this time, we have 4 months to prepare. Guys, we need to stick tightly together here and come up with a very aggressive political game plan. The ISRA is running low on funds from the ass-whooping we gave the Commies in Spring and they desperately need us to donate what we can, my check is in the mail. My question is are we going to let our home become California? We have time and need a game plan. I have a few ideas but many minds are better then one. let's plan this out and kick some ass.
1. We should start the letter writing now, and we should hammer them with letters of outrage, hammer them. Letters and calls everyday. make them sorry they ever started this.

2. A major and I mean major demonstration in Chicago, then Springfield. Thousands of people.

3 We need media help, we can use the hatred Blago is building in this state in regards to other issues to deter them and force them to focus on budget. Anyone have media contacts?

4. We need a list with contacts of every single anti-gun politician in Daley's goon squad posted for our daily letter writing and phone work.

Guys, if we each send $100 to the ISRA, that would be a big help. Unlike the cow-towers in the NRA, the ISRA fights the good fight. (No offense Todd, you're the man)!

We can also create massive political diversion. Propose BS legislation to keep them busy, it's not like they will accomplish anything anyway. We need to go at them hard. I know November is deer season but wouldn't you like future deer seasons? Guys, we have to get aggressive, we have to show these traitors to America we will not be swayed, We have strength in numbers and of course like last Spring, we will win. Let's get our shit wired tight.

PLEASE, chime in with suggestions and let's organize. I would be happy to host monthly meetings at my house but it's small. Anywhere we can hold meetings to plan our strategy, write letters, etc?

What do you guys think?


Link Posted: 7/17/2003 8:09:13 PM EDT
Just received my notice today. I'll chime in a $100 as well, WTF I have more than that in unopened AR mags that may become contraband if all the pricks have their way. I'm open to any suggestions you have. I don't know about meetings because I live in the sticks in S. IL, but anyhting that you would want passed out to local gun stores i would do. Now would be a good time because of governor shitbag's budget, their are going to be 200 correctional officer captains losing their jobs shortly as well as 85 then possibly another 35-50 people losing their jobs at SIUC because of cut backs. I'll write and call but most of the repubs and even dems down here are against gun control. Pressure needs to be put on the suburban republicans and dems especially the soocer mom republican legislators. I called everybody before, even the bastards jones, madigan, and obama so lets do it again.
Link Posted: 7/18/2003 8:08:41 PM EDT
I'm north of the suburbs but close enough as to where we are making some major noise. We are converting the natives one by one. Two more anti-gunners going to Buffalo with me soon as they have been converted. One by one. We need to stay on our toes!
Link Posted: 7/27/2003 12:41:08 PM EDT
At the beginning of the year, there was a thread in this forum about ISRA. At that time, I wasn't too impressed with their work, so I never did join.

Having seen the work they've done this year, I've changed my mind, and will join and send a contribution. Hopefully some of the others have changed positions on this as well.
Link Posted: 8/3/2003 8:20:13 AM EDT
This reminds me, I just got a new DSL service and I need to update my ISRA e-mail alert address.

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