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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/8/2006 2:31:24 PM EST
I have converted a guy at my work, into a handgun shooter. He already owns multiple rifles, and is a pretty good-guy.

When I explained the process to purchase a handgun (PTA), he balked. He says he may have an issue. Apparently last year, he defaulted on an auto loan, and the truck was repo'ed. He was served a summons, and was sued for the balance of the loan. He did not go to Court for the case, as he was sure he would lose anyway. He recieved a certified letter, stating the judgment against him, and was ordered to pay x-dollars to the plaintiff.

He is now worried his failure to appear will cause him a problem (warrant, I assume he is worried about?).

IANAL, but I told him I didn't think so, as it was a civil matter, not criminal. I showed him case.net, and he is going to look up his case # on it, but is still apprehensive. I offered to have a friend (police) run his name, but he declined.

Does a civil matter affect his ability to obtain a PTA? What about later if he decides to CCW, and files the application; will it hinder it any?

Thanks in advance, and I hope he gets hooked! I need someone closer to shoot with, LOL!
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 11:49:37 AM EST
I think he should be oksince the case has ben resolved but I ain't no lawyer.
Duke? you out there?
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 1:03:10 PM EST
Duke would have a better idea, as he's an actual layer and I've only stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, but I would assume if he paid the summary judgement, then there likely won't be any outstanding warrant. I would also guess that mearly a failure to appear for a civil case (especially one that was resolved through a summary judgement which was paid) won't work against him.
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 10:14:41 PM EST
I think only a felony or a domestic violence charge, would effect any thing.......but im no expert.
Link Posted: 1/10/2006 11:04:37 AM EST
I told him I thought he'd be okay as well. AFAIK, as long as it wasn't a felony, domestic, or he wasn't declared mentally incompetent, he should be okay. Those would be the only disqualifying judgements I can think of. He is still apprehensive to go try to get his PTA .

I think I have him convinced to call a lawyer (finally!). I really hope he follows thru on this, as he is a nice guy to have on our side!

Thanks everyone for all your help!
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