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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/28/2003 3:29:40 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/28/2003 3:32:18 PM EST by METALMAN]
Hey....I know this next shoot is gonna be so freakin fun I can't hardly WAIT!!!

I think what I learned from the last shoot is that we all should make sure we can be there for all the events!!

It seems like there are gonna be a lot more things to do this time.
I know that I will be manning the reactives for most of the day, just to make sure all goes well.

But there will be the COF, and the team COF's, AND A NEW CAR!!!!!

Damn.....I'm with nascar3n8fan, I got a HUGE woody fer all thats gonna go on!!!
Personally I am gonna bring my own lunch and lots of snacks and beverages just so I know I can get through it all!!
Not to downplay the brilliant and exquisite quisine provided by diabolical chicken and her mate.

BTW, Shakester, is it cool if I borrow your 9 for the COF? I might be able to bring my buddy's S&W .357, but it's all contingent on me having a holster that Shi-Huang-Di might be able to acquire.

I've been working on how to run the reactives, because there are 72 targets, and will ,more than likely, be at least 8 40" pepper poppers (I hate that name!!! Silhouettes are what they are...just say it like it is).

I think the team COF will incorporate some of these targets, but what does that leave? 40 some targets and 8 silhouettes? I am gonna make droppers, swingers, and bouncers as well, just to mix it up.
I think this 'day' is gonna be a long one. I am stocking up on ammo as we speak!
I think there should NEVER be a pause in fire!!! Ever!!!
Let the thunder commence!!!!

P.S. Jeff, John, and Chris...is there a time when this will all begin? I need to get word to my babysitter.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 4:51:32 PM EST
I am stoked too!
The reactives are gonna be a blast! Nothing like immediate feedback to get the heart pounding.

I am wondering a few things, maybe someone can help out with these thoughts;

If we really want to measure deflection of a .223 round through a windshield we will have to use a paper target, not a watermelon or tannerite. I know, they would both be far kewler but a paper target will remain intact to measure afterwards. Of course subsequent rounds could be through the same glass at a tannerite filled watermelon.

Combined fire course, w/pistol and rifle;
If randomly assigning teams then we might want a seperate hat for pistoleer and rifle canidates. Some folk might really prefer one weapon over the other. Of course some of us who don't care what they shoot can be used to fill in whatever group is lacking candidates.

MouseGun, Jeff and John, I have this wild idea for a Sgt January (Is that the right name and rank?) shoot. Of course it is very dependent on the terrain there at the ranch.
In a nutshell, is there enough room to SAFELY set up a target at 500+yds? I figure as long as there is a good backstop and a clear area between target and firing position then maybe... But anyway, we set up a standard B-27 (or was it a B-2?) target at appropriate range and let those who wish have a shot at it. Ought to be educational to those who have never fired at long range with an AR before. Also shooting at the pepper poppers.. oops, silhouettes at a few hundred yards might be educational also.

What else do we need to prep for next weekend????
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 6:33:40 PM EST
Gary ..... jolly good idea on the 500 yards shoot ... the target is B27. The problem is time ... it takes a while to walk 500 yards back and forth to check hits, unless we set up several targets simultaneously. But I do have an alternative. I have some Army zero target for M16A1. At 25 meters, this target simulates the zero for 250 meters. So, place this target at 50 meters and you have a simulated 500 meter shot. Of course, we cannot experience the effect of wind, bullet drop etc. But at least it gives us the "feel" of doing 500 yard shots. BTW, the target looks like a miniature B-27 on a 8.5x11 piece of carbord paper.

I can photocopy this target and bring them over if we want to try simulating 250 and 500 meter shots.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 7:26:10 PM EST
Ok, I know you guys get tired of hearing about my fireworks and all, BUT, say we make up some small ones and say tape them to the bullseye, you wouldn't have to walk the 500 yds., but then again you also wouldn't have a target anymore either. Just trying to be helpful, you probably wouldn't have to worry about me hitting it anyway.
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