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Posted: 10/8/2004 2:48:53 PM EST
I was wondering if it's legal to have a pre-ban (pre94) beta c-mag?
Or if it's simply not legal.
Link Posted: 10/8/2004 2:53:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/9/2004 7:48:18 AM EST by rkbar15]
There are no statewide restrictions on any preban mag in NY. There are local mag restrictions in NYC and the cites of Rochester and Buffalo.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 3:45:21 AM EST
Yes a pre94 beta C is legal in NY. NYC has it's own laws...
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 6:37:36 AM EST
Sure is nice to have someone here who stays informed on NY's gun laws(confusing/conflicting as they may be) - I for one am glad you're here, rkbar15 - and thank you for your contributions...

- georgestrings
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 8:43:40 PM EST
Thanks everyone for the responses and help.
I greatly appreciate it.

-the newbie.
Link Posted: 10/18/2004 1:50:50 AM EST
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