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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/16/2003 11:59:09 AM EST
A question for all you WA residents.

Eastern Washington is on my short list of places to relocate to. Northern ID is also.

I have one recurring thought with WA however. Is the state in danger of being turned left because of the population density/voting patterns of Seattle?

The thing with McDermott and his asinine statements about Saddam made me think again about this issue. Having lived in CA for so long I’m well acquainted with the large cities telling everyone else how to live. Is Washington anywhere near that state of affairs?

The worst thing I could imagine is relocating to a truly conservative area and in a few years discover that “it’s déjà vu all over again”.

Thoughts, comments, insights?
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 12:14:28 PM EST
It's getting to be that way. Democrat Governor, Democrat senators, Democrat everyone because of the liberals on the west side.

All things being equal I'd opt for Northern Idaho... machine guns are legal there as well.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 12:16:36 PM EST
Im getting tire of the liberal BS. I've lived here most of my life, about 17 years now. Im gonna move away for college.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 1:31:38 PM EST
Can you say "Sen. McDermott"?

Seattle, actually most of King and Pierce Counties are a bunch of hippie pukes any more. I don't know if they will ever turn the entire state that way but they already have all the say in state politics anyway. The eastern half of the state pretty much can't stand the western part for that very reason. I have places in both so I'm all good to go when the SHTF!
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 2:29:09 PM EST

Is the state in danger of being turned left because of the population density/voting patterns of Seattle?

The problem is too many people live in the I5 corridor and there are far too damn many liberals.

The conservatives can get out the vote when it's really crunch time (I676 was it?)

baghdad Jims little rant should have pushed anyone who didn't already think that he truely is insane well over into the jimmy is a nutjob twice over camp.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 3:09:32 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/16/2003 3:22:38 PM EST by TwoStage]
I live on the east side, but the population vote from the Seattle area kills us most of the time.

Sent letter to Sen. Baghdad Jim.

Anyone else want to write him?
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 9:33:52 PM EST
Jim McDimwit is just a alcoholic kook. He probably just finished boozing it up with teddy k. when he unloaded his latest tripe. As for state politics, it is becoming hopeless. The Dems have controlled the Governer's office for more than 2 decades. The republican leadership is inept. So, the best we can hope for is a "moderate" for any statewide election. That and keep up the pressure with initiatives that end up getting overturned by the radically lib biased courts.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 10:13:01 PM EST

go to Idaho !!
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 10:18:17 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 10:49:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/16/2003 10:51:32 PM EST by Blackgun_Fun]
As everyone has said..this is a "Demokook" breeding ground, and looks like it will be that way for some time.

Sarco wont even ship a Sten parts kit here anymore, and I am afraid it will get worse.

This is a beautiful area...but for strictly gun fun - go with Idaho.

My only concern would be the job market...I do not know what it is like over there.

Combat_Jack is way ahead of the curve...at only 17, one of the first things he said when I met him was how sick he was getting of this States firearm laws!
Link Posted: 12/17/2003 3:35:32 PM EST
Go for N. Idaho, Post Falls or Coeur d' Alene or even Sandpoint. The only problem is few high paying jobs and state income tax. Pluses are class III and lower cost of living.
I might make the 20 mile move to N. Idaho in a few years and keep my good paying job in Spokane to pay for all the class 3 stuff I would end up buying !
Link Posted: 12/17/2003 6:13:34 PM EST
I may be part of a minority group here, but I LIVE in the city limits of Seattle (West Seattle) and I'm not going to let anyone push ME out of the city I love.

Sure, I see a few "No Iraq War" (hehehe) and "Impeach Bush" stickers on some Swedish made cars here and there, and this spring and summer I saw plenty of "No War" rallies at the corner of Alaska and California, (12 people! Wow!) but I've seen plenty of American flags, and "Support Our Troops" stickers on cars here as well. Really.

There's nothing wrong with people wanting to be/work/live around people that are similar. I completely understand that. I'm staying here, and it may seem futile to some, but the fact of the matter is that the whole city infrastructure functions only from hard-working people who take responsibility for their own lives, innovate, create, and build. The hippies, the leaches, the bums with cardboard signs.. They don't bug me.

So, as futile as you all may think it is, I'm staying. When I go to stores, when I interact with people, I don't hold back my opinions. If more of us did the same, MAYBE we can remind other normal (Conservative) people that they're not alone here in Seattle.

Link Posted: 12/17/2003 6:20:37 PM EST
I thought you were all set to sell your guns and run off to California after some girl.
Link Posted: 12/17/2003 6:22:47 PM EST
As for the original question, if you can swing it, work in Spokane and live across the Idaho border in Post Falls or Rathdrum. If my wife didn't have a good job with Boeing, we'd seriously consider such a move ourselves.
Link Posted: 12/17/2003 7:05:33 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/17/2003 7:15:08 PM EST by Kaliburz]
Yup...it's bad.

We can have suppressors....just can't "use" them. NO SBR's. Class III (full auto's) are "not allowed"....only what is left in the state (so I have been told).

Govt is running out of control. Didn't "we" vote no against the stadium, but it was built anyways???!!! We have one of the highest fuel taxes. We just turned back ergonomics rules that would have just ruined business (some might disagree w/ me on that point).

Gary knows that if he ran, most would NOT vote for him. That's what I think.
Link Posted: 12/17/2003 7:52:37 PM EST

Originally Posted By Boomer:
I thought you were all set to sell your guns and run off to California after some girl.

Good memory Boomer! (Hey, have you shot down any Cylons lately? And are you a girl now?)

The last time I was in Sacramento visiting my girl, I was waiting while she was trying on some very pretty FM outfits in a store called "Forever 21" and noticed this other guy standing next to me waiting to see his wife in some FM outfits herself with his son. He had some empty .22LR shells and was explaining the differences of caliber with his young son. I struck up a gun conversation with the guy (Best of both worlds here people. Girl trying on sexy dresses while I get to talk guns with some guy at the same time) and I told him about my AR15 situation. He said there were PLENTY of places to shoot/plink my AR15 and presented a view of California law that although doesn't concurr with what I've read here, makes me think I can bring Louise down to Sacramento and enjoy her legally. Plinking and all!

Until then, I'm still defending 7/11 from terrorists in my 3rd floor perch. :)

Link Posted: 12/18/2003 7:47:19 AM EST
A big “Thank You” to all that responded.

I’ve spent a fair amount of in the Seattle area and simply love it… it’s the people (most of them anyway) that I can’t stand

We’ve visited the Spokane and CDA area several times and you’ve all pretty much settled it for me. It’s a better deal to live in ID and have the option of working in WA rather than ending up living in another California wanna-be state. Best of both worlds (and Class3 too!).

I’ve got to get off my ass and start making this happen. My game plan is to sell my house here in the PRK, zero out ALL my debts, find a nice patch of land far enough from civilization that I won’t have to worry about encroachment for a while. A small, modest home is all I need (with enough land to have my own range, of course! )

I’ve pretty much figured out what I need in life to be happy and it doesn’t include a big house in the “right” neighborhood, a fancy car or a “prestigious” job title. It does include some living space and some freedom to live my life without wondering which Big Brother law or regulation I might be violating, whether that be a current one or worrying about what some asshole politician is going to propose making illegal next week.

It also includes EBR’s, M82A1’s, no waiting periods, CCW, standard capacity mags and handguns that aren’t on any State approved “safety” list.
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