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Posted: 1/2/2007 3:38:25 PM EST
Happy New Year .......hoot
My son and I went out around 11 am , stayed till 4 pm. No one was there and we cleaned up 4 big bags of crap, shot till about 2 pm when an officer off duty with his son's showed up and shot a little bit. Come 3 pm and its starting to get busy. Ran into a few pit friends and was talking as my son was shooting his christmas presents. He traded off with a few of the guys and was shooting thier stuff as they tried out his stuff.

Was having a fairly good time, again young kids shooting skeet being a little less then cautious but not too bad, I kept my eye on them.

Then there was a few older gentlemen there that called for a cease fire to check thier targets. No problem there. My son wanted to go set up another target, but I will NOT let him go out there when other people are there, and for exactly this reason. The older gentlemen came back, never called a hot range or yell anything. Just assuming that everyone was back and no one was going out there, started shooting it up. I watched and they never checked on the opposite end to see if anyone was set or clear, just walked back and started shooting.

It was time to leave then.....
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