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Posted: 8/5/2009 5:08:04 AM EST
August 22nd
October 3rd

Location is Crumhorn Mtn. R&G in Maryland, NY. (1 Hour West of Albany)

15 Mins from Oneonta.

Training starts promptly at 0800 regardless of weather.

Practical & Combative Pistol I
Target Audience

* This program is appropriate for Public Safety Personnel, Private Security Service Professionals, and Private Citizens who desire to develop the necessary basic skills use their weapon in a defensive/tactical environment.

Course Goals

* During this 8 hour course participants will learn the most current and effective shooting methods, strategies, and tactics for gunfight survival.

Topics include but are not limited to

* General Safety Concerns
* Deadly Physical Force and Use of Force Continuum
* General Safety Concerns and Function of Handguns
* Disassembly & Cleaning
* Combat Mindset and Accessory Equipment
* Appropriate Ammunition Choices
* Loading, Reloading, Unloading/ Making safe
* Shooting Fundamentals
* Proper Ready Positions for Handgun Use
* Loading and Responses to Malfunctions
* Shooting Positions
* Shooting on the Move
* Addressing targets from Barricades
* Multiple Targets

Additional Information

* Pre-registration is required.
* Tuition must accompany registration.
* Payment Method: Credit Cards, Money Order, Personal or Cashier's Check and department Purchase Orders.
* This program has limited space due to range standards, student/ instructor ratios and SAFETY!
* Ammunition requirements: 250 rounds of "Ball" ammunition in the caliber of your Handgun. No hand loaded ammunition is allowed on the range.
* Equipment Requirements: Semi-Auto or Revolver, Comfortable Clothing or Duty Uniform, Minimum of 3 Magazines & carrier, Eye & Ear Protection, (Elbow/knee pads are optional).
*HYDRATION pack Canteen etc.

* Long Guns are Not part of this training.

COST- $125.00
PRE-Registration is mandatory.
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