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Posted: 10/12/2004 12:55:09 AM EDT
If I got a DPMS lower and wanted to turn it into a .50 cal, what type of paperwork would I have to go through to have it be legal. I can't finish it anytime soon, but I figure if they are going to go bye bye soon, I have to get it now.

I tried searching, but didn't find much I could use (a lot of it was confusing, like all gun laws that say 1 thing in 50 different ways).

What paperwork/forms need to be filed? How long should I expect for it to take? Does it need to be registered before the new year, or just the paperwork filed before the new year?

Thanks for any help.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 12:44:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/12/2004 12:45:10 PM EDT by California_Kid]
If you do it before the end of the year there is no paperwork. Just pin on your .50 BMG upper.

After the end of the year there will be no way to do it legally without special permission from the Department of Justice.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 5:53:38 PM EDT
What if I buy the lower, but don't put on the upper?

I don't have the money at the moment, and any extra income I get is going into saving for a trip I am taking to NY in March of next year. I wanted to buy the lower, get it set aside for a 50, and finish it mid next year or so. Would that be legal? If they don't need to be registered, there really wouldn't be a way for them to tell when it was finished, so it seems it might be a little deceptive but alright none the less.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 10:21:01 PM EDT
As far as I understand what's going on (and that may not be correct) we have until Dec. 31st to take possesion of a .50-bmg rifle or reciever. After that period, we will be able to register them for a period of time (3 months?) and then no more. Similar to the AW registration in '02.

All .50's must be registered. If you register the lower as a .50 come Jan.1 (or whenever they open registration) you should be able to just order the upper later as it is not a firearm or controled item, it's just parts. This could change between now and Dec 31 because I don't think DOJ has said what the registration guidelines are.

I've also heard rumors on calguns.net that they might not allow recievers marked with a caliber other than .50-bmg to be registered. This could mean that AR lowers that are marked with .223 or 5.56mm won't be allowed. This has not been verified though.

Hope that helped.
Link Posted: 10/18/2004 8:35:36 PM EDT
well, one letter so far has stated that fab-10's are good to go (even though they're marked .223). However, in that same paragraph, the DOJ rep also mentioned that the fab-10 has to have the .50bmg upper attached before jan 1st. I dont know, my head hurts
Link Posted: 10/18/2004 10:13:07 PM EDT

Originally Posted By gunsmithdude:
well, one letter so far has stated that fab-10's are good to go (even though they're marked .223). However, in that same paragraph, the DOJ rep also mentioned that the fab-10 has to have the .50bmg upper attached before jan 1st. I dont know, my head hurts

I asked the DOJ guy that very question this morning. As far as they are concerned, a lower is still a gun. Fab10 and single shots are okay all by themselves. Register the lower and put down "lower reciever only" in the section for barrel length.

He did warn that at no time can it be configured as an AW (under SB23). (You cannot buy a crippled lower, register it, and then hog it out to make it an AW). That will land you in the pokie. Also, you cannot take an unregistered AW and register it under AB50 either.

He told me a few other things, but also suggested that I check the website. The website does have a few pointers on the new regs.
Link Posted: 10/18/2004 11:17:23 PM EDT
From my letter form the DOJ:

The registration of the BMG rifle will only accept those rifles that are defined as BMG rifles, i.e., a center fire rifle that can fire a .50 BMG cartridge and is not already an assault weapon or machine gun. You can add an upper .50 BMG to a FAB10 lower receiver and then register it as a BMG .50 [aside: I also asked about putting it onto a DPMS single-shot lower, so I assume they approve that, too] caliber rifle within the registration perios. However, the manufacture of this weapon in this manner must be completed prior to the January 1, 2005 deadline. We will not accept "multi-caliber" registration since the BMG cartridge is defined only as a weapon that fires .50 BMG cartridge.

[I went on and asked about 80% AR receivers, finishing them to fit .50BMG uppers, registering them and then converting them to accept detachable magazines] As far as your qiestion regarding the Colt AR-15 receiver, effective August 16, 2000, firearm models that are variations of the AK or AR, with only minor differences from those two models, are assault weapons under the original Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989. AK and AR weapons were controlled as of August 16, 2000, and must have been registered as assault weapons with the Department of Justice on or before January 23, 2001.

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