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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/22/2003 2:37:52 PM EST
Hello CCW holders!

I urge ALL of you to contact the commissioner of Ramsey County at..


He is the gentleman that wants to bar ALL guns from county property. We ALL should Email Mr. Ortega and tell him that his statement is unwarranted and unjust. Please take a few minutes and Email him saying you disagree. I don't live in Ramsey County, but if this craziness passes, it will soon be in your county too!

Here is the Email I sent to Mr. Ortega...

Mr. Ortega,

Regarding your stance on concealed carry. "We might be doing something that's not necessarily legal, but common sense tells me it's the right things to do," County Commissioner Rafael Ortega said Tuesday.

So the right thing to do is to disarm ALL law-abiding citizens who have a concealed carry permit in all Ramsey County buildings? All armed criminals can now murder, rape, and rob anyone they want knowing all victims have been disarmed for their convenience? That's all your doing. "GUN SAFE ZONES" do not work, and will never work. Why do you think there are such high violence rates in L.A., Chicago, and New York? Because the criminals know that it's next to impossible for the citizens to legally carry a handgun. Open season huh? Do you watch the news? How often do we see crazies going into schools and killing children? Too often.

How can you possibly stand by your statement? Why are you so afraid of law-abiding citizens standing next to you with a gun on his or her person? Look around Mr. Ortega, is the guy next to you already carrying a gun? Like it or not we're surrounded by guns. In a perfect world there would be no violence, or guns, but the truth of the matter is that even if you make guns illegal, criminals will always have them. Do some homework and you'll see that more police officers misuse their handguns than do concealed carry permit holders. Should we take away the guns from the police? I would bet that you would change your mind if someone you love was either raped, or worse yet, murdered. I have every right to defend myself and my family from danger.

With all due respect Mr. Ortega, if you look at the statistics and stop living in a fantasy world, you'll see that ALL people have the need to defend themselves. After reading Sunday's Star Tribune I see the need for concealed carry just went up. I see the state will soon be letting a lot more sexual predators out of prison to walk our streets. Until our judicial system starts putting people like that in a 6 x 6 foot cell for life, I'll have the need for guns.

Brooklyn Park, MN.
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