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Posted: 5/18/2003 12:28:23 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2003 6:03:55 PM EST by TREETOP]
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 1:23:29 AM EST
Dammit, See!
Ya mention beer and I come runnin'!
What did it take me, five minutes to find it?
I'm in, just say where and when.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 6:02:38 AM EST
I'd be down for that. I'm in North Phoenix.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 9:23:54 AM EST
mmm. beer.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 9:46:56 AM EST
Clean clothes?

Ha! You'll all be lucky if I wear clean underwear.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 11:03:39 AM EST
Let's see, Guns, Beer , Food. Where have you guys been all my life?
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 11:06:10 AM EST
What's that place right next to Centerfolds? Eat then get $7 lap dances!
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 3:45:29 PM EST
I'm up for it, even though I am a lonely little Gilbert Resident. Let me know when and where.

Link Posted: 5/18/2003 8:34:50 PM EST
my favorite place for pitchers is the red onion on cave creek just south of greenway. dunno a good wing place in the N phx area though.

Link Posted: 5/18/2003 9:21:35 PM EST
I'm in just let me know where, when and i'll be there. I'm in AJ, ironwood and broadway.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 3:08:42 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/19/2003 3:14:50 PM EST by az-gunner]
Wings? yes

Beer? Yes [cheers]


Oops. Ahem.

Wherever you guys want to meet, is fine by me.

I'm in Mesa, with 2 Native New Yorkers (pizza, wings, beer, sports) near by.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 4:02:50 PM EST
Do we want to do this on a week night or a weekend day/night? What's better for all
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 4:58:03 PM EST
Since a few of us are third shifters....a Saturday day/eve would probably be best... ( cuz I would love to show up )but that also may inconvenience others...of course there is no limit to the number of these events so......

It looks like many of us are spread well over the valley so a central location would appear to be best...Phoenix???? I'm in East Mesa, myself but am willing to go to PHX.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 5:10:52 PM EST
Sounds like fun to me...

I am in the north west, but willing to travel.

Link Posted: 5/19/2003 5:23:20 PM EST

I'm in for this get together. Since we are spread all over the valley. Let's try something centeral, like South Scottsdale. I live in North Phoenix myself. I have a co-worker that lives in S. Scottsdale. I'll ask him tomorrow of a good place.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 5:41:10 PM EST
Im all for Scottsdale..old town area?

Link Posted: 5/19/2003 5:54:02 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 8:38:58 PM EST
Some very good wings and pizza (and cold beer too) can be had at Il Primo, 59th Ave & Bell Road. (Near Garcia's Mex resturant)

If you do it Saturday there is a free car show in the old Cosco Parking lot adjacent every Saturday from 6:00 to 8:00 or so. Car show is like a smaller version of the one at The Pavilions in Scottsdale.

Somebody pick a spot and time!
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 9:41:57 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 1:14:24 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2003 1:18:35 AM EST by a320az]

Originally Posted By Winston_Wolf:
... Maybe Heater's Wild hare?

Way to far for me...

There is an Il Primo at Cave Creek and Bell rd too. I have to work nights and my only days off are Wed. and Thurs.

Would like to join in but, oh well, we'll see..

Link Posted: 5/20/2003 3:52:21 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2003 3:57:02 PM EST by Carbine10]

As for ill primo I won't eat at one ever again.

My friends advice in South Scottsdale is The British Open / English Pub and Grill. At 1334 N. Scottsdale RD/ SouthWest corner of McDowell and Scottsdale Rd. Across from the old Los Arcos Mall.

I called them and if we are going to have a large party we will need to let them know in advance/reservation.

They have plenty of wings and twelve imported beer's along with domestic beer's. Beer is sold in pints, no pitchers. My friend said they have great food at medium price.

Let me know if The British Open sounds good and I call them to make reservations. Let's set This Thursday evening say 9:00pm reservation deadline. For this Saturday 5-24-03 around 5:00pm. This way I can give them an estimate of how many people.

Hope this works for most of you.

Link Posted: 5/20/2003 4:05:30 PM EST

Originally Posted By Carbine10:

... The British Open / English Pub and Grill. At 1334 N. Scottsdale RD/ SouthWest corner of McDowell and Scottsdale Rd. Across from the old Los Arcos Mall.

... this Saturday 5-24-03 around 5:00pm.

... I second that idea, I'm in.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 4:11:16 PM EST

That makes three of us. Winston_Wolf, my son and me.

Lets kep the count going.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 4:38:01 PM EST
Sounds good to me even though I dislike the British!
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 5:19:09 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 5:29:32 PM EST

That makes five. Lets try to hit thirty or forty.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 6:04:24 PM EST
count me in...altho i don't get off work until six-ish, and will have to leave by 9 to pick up my girlfriend from work.
still, as an example to others at the very least, i will try to make an appearance.
i think this is a good idea...not limiting get togethers to shooting-only events.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 6:15:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2003 6:17:25 PM EST by TREETOP]
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 8:04:30 PM EST

Treetop can you edit the poll to say

The British Open / English Pub and Grill
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 9:47:09 PM EST
If I can get off of work I'll be there, I probably will bring a friend or two.

Link Posted: 5/20/2003 10:26:26 PM EST
I will be there. No stuffed animals this time though...scares the limeys.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 11:15:25 PM EST
I'll try to be there. Depends on me getting this project I'm working on done.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 7:08:19 AM EST
Leaving for Memorial weekend trip Friday a.m. Maybe I can catch the next one, sounds like a good time.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 11:57:09 AM EST
Does sound like a good time, and i need to get to know more folks.... but its a bit too far for me. especialy if im drinkin. Ill have to hit it up sometime if it becomes a monthly thing though.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 2:09:43 PM EST
I'll most likely make it out there, as well. I know what you mean Ruiner. I'll have a social beer with the group, then drink soda for the duration.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 5:50:32 PM EST
You can almost put me down for a very possible maybe, but I'm not sure.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 5:55:38 PM EST
Too many CCW's in one Joint!

I might be there to protest!
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 5:57:23 PM EST
Any issues with not being 21 at this joint?
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 6:02:17 PM EST

Originally Posted By zukem:
dunno a good wing place in the N phx area though.


Dude! There's a "Native New Yorker" on I-10 and Bell!
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 6:58:25 PM EST
I-10 ain't north..
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 5:12:03 AM EST

Originally Posted By markm:
Too many CCW's in one Joint!

I might be there to protest!

Can't carry in a premise licensed to serve.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 9:36:48 AM EST

Originally Posted By markm:

Originally Posted By zukem:
dunno a good wing place in the N phx area though.


Dude! There's a "Native New Yorker" on I-10 and Bell!

I-17 and Bell, i presume? i'm definitely in for Saturday, probably alone (the real psychopaths always are....)
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 1:11:57 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/22/2003 1:26:13 PM EST by innocent_bystander]
My Irish wife will only show up if they have Guinness on tap.

British Open English Pub & Grill revolves around the game of golf and the world of beer, with 55 brews from around the globe, according to very British bartender Tracey Clough. Sample all of them and you'll earn a T-shirt attesting to your pint-hoisting prowess.

Patrons can enjoy a piping-hot plate of fish and chips ("The best I've ever tasted outside England," Clough says) or a steak and kidney pie, washed down with a pint of Tetleys Bitter or Newcastle Brown Ale.

Challenge your mates to a game of darts or pool, or listen to the jukebox, stuffed with selections from Brit bands ranging from the Beatles to Oasis.

Details: 1334 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. (480) 941-4915.

Link Posted: 5/22/2003 1:14:46 PM EST

Originally Posted By zukem:
I-10 ain't north..

I-17 I meant!
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 1:28:18 PM EST

Originally Posted By innocent_bystander:
Can't carry in a premise licensed to serve.

I thought one couldn't carry in a business that Alchohol was the PRIMARY SOURCE of Revenue, i.e. Bars and Liquor stores. I don't know the ARS, but that's what my instructors told me. Also, I was told it is illegal to buy alcohol while carrying. (I don't know how many times I unwittingly broke that law)

Link Posted: 5/22/2003 4:44:36 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/22/2003 4:48:44 PM EST by innocent_bystander]
There was talk and a bill to change Title 4 of ARS but it died this session. The bill would allow for you to carry on a premise with a license to sell alcohol but which alcohol wasn't the primary source of income, ie: restaurant. It is illegal to carry on any premise with a license to sell alcohol. Whether it is a restaurant or bar doesn't matter. Your instructor was incorrect.

ARS 4-244.29:

It is unlawful: "For any person other than a peace officer, the (liquor) licensee or an employee of the licensee acting with the permission of the licensee to to be in possession of a firearm while on the licensed premises of an on-sale retailer knowing such possession is prohibited. This paragraph shall not be construed to include a situation in which a person is on licensed premises for a limited time in order to seek emergency aid and such person does not buy, recieve, consume or posses spirituous liquor. This paragraph shall not apply to hotel or motel guest room accommodations nor to the exhibition or display of a firearm in conjunction with a meeting, show, class or similar event."
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 5:11:05 PM EST
You've definately done your homework...I now nominate you as the officially unofficial AZARFCOM legal guru.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 5:22:40 PM EST
Hey lumpy, is your daughter are you coming?
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 7:17:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 7:45:45 PM EST
hmmhmm, he said dillhole...

Treetop, put me down for some wings and an iced tea.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 10:07:09 PM EST
If it's not too late, put me in for a party of one...If it is too late, I'll have to sit on desertmoon's lap...(Share your fish and chips big boy?)

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