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Posted: 5/30/2013 3:32:59 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/30/2013 3:35:23 AM EST by PhillyandBCEagles]
Hey guys, PCSing to California next year, I'm sure you get this a lot so I apologize but I had a few questions:

1. As I understand it I can purchase a California-legal AR-15 lower and mate it with the upper I already have and it will be legal--am I missing anything or is as simple as that? Is it legal to possess a non-CA legal lower as long as it is not at any time while in California mated with an upper and if so does it have to be registered?

2. According to this military are exempt from having to register handguns. This means I can simply bring my handgun into the state and as long as I don't have an 11+ round mag or carry in public I'm good? Also, do service members actually have a shot at getting a CCW permit if we apply (I already have a Pennsylvania permit but understand it's not recognized in California)?

3. As for mags--I plan on picking up some 10-round mags before I head out there, from what I've read it seems that standard capacity mags are legal as long as they're disassembled, is this accurate?

Thanks and sorry for the probably stupid questions, but just want to make sure. I'll only be there about a year and a half and can leave my standard lower and standard capacity mags out of state if I have to, but would prefer to hang on to them in order to keep my mom from having to worry about them and in case I get the chance to go to Nevada or Arizona to shoot at some point while I'm there.
Link Posted: 5/30/2013 4:51:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/30/2013 4:53:23 AM EST by FreezinSig]
If the lower is on the list, it can't be in the state at all.. Leave it at your folks place or something. Long guns don't have to be registered at all, unless its bought in-state. The Assault Weapon registry closed in 2000, so no chance of getting something prohibited brought in. I suggest buying a lower that's not on the list before you enter the state, with a bullet button of course.

Your correct with mags, anything over 10 can be disassembles and kept around for "parts".

And then there is the bullshit that happened yesterday so all of this may be moot.
Link Posted: 5/30/2013 6:38:08 AM EST
Yeah the lower thing sounded fishy to me too but I read it somewhere so wanted to double check.
Link Posted: 6/5/2013 6:49:43 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/5/2013 6:50:44 PM EST by oldcop041]
I have been researching California gun laws, but I have a few questions. My daughter was in the Navy and we bought her a Beretta M-9 for her OCS graduation. She is no longer in the Navy, but is engaged to a Navy Pilot. They live in Lemoore, Ca.

The wife and I are driving to Lemoore at the end of July. We will spend two days there, then drive to Los Vegas for the wedding.

A. I was going to bring the M-9 back to Texas because I was not sure if it was on the approved list. I checked the approved handgun list and the M-9 is OK, so I can leave it there (with 10 round mags). Correct?

B. I carry under the Texas and Federal LEOSA. I do not need to carry on my person while in CA, but I would like to have a handgun in the car. Unloaded - locked in a case - ammo separate is OK. Correct?

Thank you
Link Posted: 6/6/2013 6:51:24 AM EST
Yes correct on both accounts. She will have to declare and register the pistol in Cali within 60 days of her/you bringing it into the state.
Link Posted: 6/7/2013 9:49:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/7/2013 4:16:45 PM EST
Please excuse one more question.

Daughter now wants me to bring her Rossi pump .22 to her. Does the rifle have to be registered?

Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it.
Link Posted: 7/24/2013 8:31:30 PM EST
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Originally Posted By oldcop041:
Please excuse one more question.

Daughter now wants me to bring her Rossi pump .22 to her. Does the rifle have to be registered?

Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it.
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I don't believe so. I'm in the same boat as far as bringing my guns down from oregon, I have to put a california legal mag release on my lower to make it ca legal, along with purchasing 10 round mags. as far as getting the guns registered, our of state I don' believe so, but best bet is get them registered back in your home town.
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