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Posted: 11/22/2014 10:12:46 AM EDT
Heard a few shots in the distance (well off my property). Heard some movement in the bushes, probably birds or squirrels.

Didn't see anything.

Maybe the 'talking to', that the neighbor's step-son had with him about not giving out permission to hunt on any land he felt like claiming as his, got through that dense skull of his.

Link Posted: 11/22/2014 10:16:40 AM EDT
Link Posted: 11/22/2014 10:44:48 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By BobCole:
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Yeah, the story about the bush suddenly starting to talk to me on opening day of bow season, after I stopped to check on the car parked by the side of the road, then followed the path (that I had previously made) into the woods, was a much better story.

This morning was much more boring. Didn't have to blade, not even once.
Link Posted: 11/22/2014 2:22:33 PM EDT
It was a nice morning for deer hunting. I am stuck in the house, sick, and don't hunt anymore anyway but I did take a look outside. I quit hunting years ago due to land owners leasing out their property to clubs. Their property/their rules and all, I understand.

Good luck to those out there in the woods! Kill a big un!
Link Posted: 11/22/2014 5:28:40 PM EDT
Had a great morning!

Well before dawn but with a lightening sky (before legal hunting time, I think), I saw at least one deer (appeared to be a doe) come down my driveway about 350 yards away from where I was in my ground hunting blind. Besides it being too early and the distance, the fact that the deer was skylighted by the horizon meant it was a no shoot situation. About 20 minutes later they came back, but 5 total this time. And this time it was legal to hunt plus they hung around for about 25 minutes, pretty cool watching them.

About 10 minutes later, a 4 point walked right up to my ground blind with this "what the heck is this thing and where did it come from?" look on his face. He jumped the fence and came along side of me, about 3 pickup lengths away. When his head was behind a tree, I got my gun on him and looked at his nose with the scope. He was out of focus he was so close. Let him go.

About 30 minutes the wind picked up, decided to call it a day. Walked out to the front of pole barn field and down to the driveway. There's a doe down at the bottom of the hill about 225 yards away and a big 8 or 10 point just 30 feet over my property line with my neighbor. I hit up the doe with my scope, she never knew I was there, let her go. I stood there for about 2 minutes watching the big 8 or 10 point while he looked at me, then he took off uphill towards my neighbors house. Four doe came down the hill, so I expect he was looking for a date and not too worried about me.

I'm getting ready to go out again, I'll probably let any I see go as well.

Rifle = Winchester Pre-'64 Model 70 in .308. Sighting it in on my 100 yard range looked pretty good to me even though the folding table left a lot to be desired (now I'm designing my own concrete shooting bench, I'll start on that next week after the rains go through).

Link Posted: 11/24/2014 12:16:34 PM EDT
Just does Sat and Sun. Still beats a day indoors. I was surprised at how few shots I heard.
Link Posted: 11/28/2014 1:57:07 AM EDT
I think I saw the same 4 point I saw last Saturday AM this afternoon, this time from my pole barn sniper's hide/deer stand. Never knew I was there. And nope, still didn't pull the trigger on him.

I'll wait for a good sized doe, we have way too many around here.

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