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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2003 11:08:36 AM EST
Ok, I am a postin' fool today but I thought this was worth mentioning.
I got the following email from SACMO, in it Mr. Engel states that it will now be legal to carry a concealed weapon in your vehicle as long as you are 21 and may legally possess a concelable weapon.
This means (from my understanding) as of 10oct03 you can go ahead and toss a loaded handgun in your glovebox legally, before getting your permit.
This is my understanding of the law, I would appreciate any and all who might want to read up and see if this is the same conclusion they come up with.

New CCW law is found here;

Email attached here...
Dear SACMO Supporter/Subscriber:

After 12 years of effort, I can hardly believe it. We were able override Governor (OTB) Holden’s onerous veto of HB-349, the concealed weapons law.

This is the first opportunity I have had in 3 days to get to my keyboard to inform you of what all happened in Jefferson City since webmaster Fred Heberer, SACMO Vice President Wayne Lindberg and myself set up camp at the capital. And now that I am here, I’m so tired I can hardly think straight. It was 3 days and nights of high theater and tension right out of Hollywood but it felt like a week. I really wish you all could have been there to see it all unfold. I feel like I have just given birth!

30 days from September 11th, license to carry becomes law. Although the classes and permits will hardly be ready, remember that the law contains Car Carry for anyone over 21 who does legally possess the firearm. Also, reciprocity starts right away. So, get ready.

There were many proud moments during both the House as well as the Senate override session. A great big “Thank You” to our fellow SACMO associates Fred, Wayne, Ron Vida and Jim Johnston who all showed up to contribute and help out and in a couple of special individual actions, did us a great service. We should all recognize the outstanding work of Rep. Larry Crawford, Frank Barnetz and Sen. Harold Caskey. The NRA was there in all its glory as was MSSA, the state affiliate. Mary Ann Bradfield and Whit O’Daniel from the NRA and John Lineburger from MSSA did outstanding service for all of us. There were many gun groups from other parts of the state and they did great service as well.

Forgive me if I seem to be crowing about this next part, but heck, I am. When I walked into Senator Jim Matthewson’s office on Tuesday afternoon to visit him, I inadvertently interrupted him while he was reading the John Lott book, The Bias Against Guns that we had sent him! Holly Cow! But there is more. SACMO is headquartered in the big swing vote’s district, Senator Mike Gibbons. We have been helping him understand the issue in several ways over quit some time. Now get this!

On the floor of the Missouri Senate, while give a fiery defense of right to carry, HE REFERRED TO A PASSAGE FROM THE BOOK! WOW! And better yet, several Senators nodded their heads in understanding. I about jumped off the balcony. Now I knew that we had done well, but, my God, I think we knocked that one out of the park. Thank you to all of you that sent money to SACMO to help make that possible. Your reward will be ready for you in about 30 days.

Lest we forget, this great victory was possible because of the remarkable efforts of a very many people over a very long time. Some of those folks are no longer with us. Thank you, to all of you still with us and tonight I will remember those not with us any longer in my prayers.

One last thought before I retire for the night. This was and is a great victory for all of us in the gun rights community. Self-defense is the FIRST and most basic civil right. This is a huge step in the right direction. But remember, the fight must go on. Let us not do what the U. S. did after the First World War and totally relax. For that we got Pearl Harbor. Tomorrow at 9:15 A. M. I will debate anti-CCW police chief Carl Wolf on KMOX, 1120 on the a.m. dial. There is no break. We must keep up the fight.

May God bless and keep you safe. Good Night.

Dale A. Schmid, President,
The Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri, Inc.

Link Posted: 9/12/2003 11:44:37 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/12/2003 11:56:17 AM EST
I noticed that also!!! , not sure about the loaded part yet.

But it sure looks like you could keep the gun in the glove box, console,etc and mags in the door or vice vers. :)

At the very least it looks to be a better more commons sense "transport" law.

I saw some other aspects that looked like they were relaxed in regards to where you could legally have a firearm in your vehicle.

To me these things are almost as important as a CCW permit.

Good Times.

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