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Posted: 10/3/2011 4:36:33 PM EST
I will definitely need help setting up 0730.

First rounds downrange at 0900, AT the ImpactZone
Bring water and sunscreen

Steel rifle targets ONLY, ammo restrictions

If a magnet sticks to your bullet DO NOT USE ON THE RIFLE STEEL


No tracer, armor piercing (AP), or armor piercing incendiary (API) ammunition.
NO Steel jacketed ammo or steel core for steel targets.
Unacceptable ammo includes (but not limited to) US M855, European SS109, and Canadian C77 steel-core .223 ammunition.

For pistols, jacketed, cast lead, or hollow point ammo is acceptable.

For shotgun stages no shot larger than #4 will be allowed when shooting steel.

Slings ARE NOT necessary this month

Prepare for:

Challenging and threat rich environments for rifle, shotgun, and pistol.
Hopefully you know your shotgun pattern vs distance, shot effectiveness vs distance and you have practiced loading.......

Stages are:
"long Range" 2 position 2 steel at each, par time 60 seconds
Around the van: pistol only or rifle/pistol (your choice): 7 paper, 3 steel
Big Bay Rifle/Pistol: 16 rifle threats, 9 pistol threats
Shotgun Only: Texas star (5 steel), 4 steel, one slug target.

Stages will be posted at www.whidpa.com tomorrow (Tuesday 10/4)
Must score 6 points to neutralize, .308 rifle or larger, 5 points to neutralize
NO pistol optics
9 rounds max shotgun capacity (tube + chamber)

Supreme poobah of all things Multi-Gun at WHIDPA

Link Posted: 10/4/2011 3:44:42 AM EST
I always seem to be working the 2nd Saturday of every month
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