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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/26/2003 11:47:27 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/26/2003 12:03:49 PM EST by Hawkeye]
Here are the pics I too at our shoot today.

First, I want to say an extra special THANKS to Russ Adler for letting us use his range today. It has some AWESOME potential, and Russ has some GREAT ideas planned, and it is going to be a great place.

Here are the pics. Got a few action shots this time. In some, you can see the puff around the steel plates as they are hit.

Here we are getting eveything set up.

Here is the line we had setup. Everyone was hanging out and visiting.

Here is a shot down the tables with the tools of the day.

Here is my wife (Wanda), Wendy, and Stephen chilling out.

Here are the pics from the Handgun COF.

Here is some strange guy that we let run the timer.

Here is a no shoot that got nicked. You can see where if just got hit on the very edge.

Here is Russ himself tossing lead down range.

And another..

Here is New-Arguy doing a reload. Notice the empty mag falling in mid air.

Wanda running her new Springfield XD 9 through its paces.

Link Posted: 10/26/2003 12:01:52 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/26/2003 12:26:26 PM EST by Hawkeye]
Here are the pics from the Shotgun COF. I didnt get many here.

Here are 3 of yours truly.

New-Arguy starting his run.

Taking out the attacking bowling pin hords.

Russ taking his turn.

Here are the ones from the last COF with the Carbines. Had the steel plates up for this one, and in many you can see the paint/bullet splatter "puff" around the steel as the rounds impact.

Link Posted: 10/26/2003 1:06:36 PM EST
Great Pics!

Thanks Hawk...

Link Posted: 10/26/2003 1:07:34 PM EST
Great pics Hawkeye. This shoot was a lot of fun. Shooting shotguns in a CQB situation was a first for me. I think I might have a new addiction.

Russ, thanks for letting use the range. Sorry I abused your steel frame.

Hey Dirk! Enjoy your new pistol.
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 1:12:16 PM EST

Originally Posted By M4Real:
Hey Dirk! Enjoy your new pistol.

Did you do what I think you did??
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 1:24:29 PM EST

Originally Posted By Hawkeye:

Originally Posted By M4Real:
Hey Dirk! Enjoy your new pistol.

Did you do what I think you did??

No Hawk, but, I do have a shotgun for sale.
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 1:25:06 PM EST

Originally Posted By Hawkeye:

Originally Posted By M4Real:
Hey Dirk! Enjoy your new pistol.

Did you do what I think you did??

No, I wish! But if I keep bugging him about maybe in couple of years he'll give in and sell it to me!

When we cleaned up the range we acquired two additional weapons, a shotgun and a pistol.

Link Posted: 10/26/2003 1:38:45 PM EST
WOW...I had a feeling that we should've stayed around just a few minutes longer.

Nice pics Hawkeye. I like the one with New-ARguy dropping the pistol mag.

Link Posted: 10/26/2003 1:46:39 PM EST
Well, it was a lot of fun thanks to all who always do a great job of setting everything up. Unfortunately i had the worst of luck of dropping my mag.Then on top of that i didnt slap it in hard enough so it fell back down . Oh well, theres next time! See you all next month i hope!!
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 2:14:10 PM EST
I could get really spolied by these 3-gun matches. This was a helluva fun day out. FDCC gets better every shoot and this was a great diversion from the "usual" if there was such a thing with the club.

BTW, how much for the shotgun? I could use some extra mag capacity...
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 4:35:40 PM EST
Great pics! Today was lots of fun--I got to try out the new shotgun (also the new SIR). She's a beauty, Hawkeye, and I'm damn glad you decided to sell her Now I just need to zero them... My Aimpoint was wwwaaaayyyy off. I think I'm gonna get addicted to CQB shotgunning too!

Geez, I wish I had stuck around... How about selling off those new guns for more steel targets? That sound is so gratifying!
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 4:44:29 PM EST

Originally Posted By Strazz:
Great pics! Today was lots of fun--I got to try out the new shotgun (also the new SIR). She's a beauty, Hawkeye, and I'm damn glad you decided to sell her Now I just need to zero them... My Aimpoint was wwwaaaayyyy off. I think I'm gonna get addicted to CQB shotgunning too!

Geez, I wish I had stuck around... How about selling off those new guns for more steel targets? That sound is so gratifying!

Glad you like it. I knew you would.
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 4:45:09 PM EST
Geesh, I can't belive someone hasn't missed that pistol yet. I say we auction it off for club funds.......
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 5:07:14 PM EST
Hey Chuck. I just got done cooking up those peanuts. They are yummy.

[Homer]Mmmmmmmmm. Boiled peanuts.[/Homer]
Link Posted: 10/26/2003 5:56:55 PM EST
A fantastic time! Now I want a Carbon 15 and an Uzi!
Link Posted: 10/27/2003 1:24:50 AM EST
Great shoot! Thanks to the group that puts this event on every month.
Also thanks to Russ for the use of the range.
Link Posted: 10/27/2003 6:30:03 AM EST
It was an awesome shoot! I have 48 pics to post later today. Thanks to everyone. Those bowling pins sure helped our reset time, enough for everyone who wanted to to run all three courses. My shoulder is actually a little sore from that 12-ga.

Of course, all of my hardware is accounted for.
Link Posted: 10/27/2003 8:45:49 AM EST
Here ya go, lots more pics!

First, we have some pics of the gun tables (and the gun floor, since we ran out of table space)

Unusual weapons included a shotgun with a tele-stock and EOTech

Now, we have pics from the handgun course

Shotgun time!

Check out Dirk's tactical sling! Now if he could just reach those spare shells...

On to the carbine course. Check out all of the Evil Black Rifles!

I took wide-angle shots of the final steel plates, and most of them have a puff visible along with the shooter.

Link Posted: 10/27/2003 10:19:33 AM EST
Nice pics! I'll have some to post here soon.

I have to get in contact with my friend who

was taking them.
Link Posted: 10/27/2003 11:09:53 AM EST
Mace, thanks for the pictures!!! OK, as per usual, I have the mother load of pics here!! I am still having that brightness problem with my camera, though not as bad as last time. I guess I will have to break out the instruction book!!!

First some casual pics with us goofing around!

Fulda and Mr. Andrews

Hahaha, Otto is cramming for tests among a hail of gunfire just behind him!

The mens room is on the right, womens room is on the left. Watch out for the sticker bushes and frogs.

Hanging out on the line

More hanging out! L-R
Otto, some idiot, Fulda, Mace, Wanda, Wendy, Stephan and Hawkeye

Hawkeye with his wife waiting to shoot

Started with a handgun course...
Hawkeye shooting his new TLE

Thanks for all your help with the scorecards!!!

Tony is up!

While he doesnt say much, I believe Norm is one of the better handgun shooters among the croud!

How did you like the drop leg holster from the seated position? I tried one too this month, still dont know if I like it or not.

Fulda set a whicked fast score and was the man to beat for a long time. He also finished with a single 10 round mag with one round to spare!

M4Real is a big Beretta fan, and Dirk_Pitt wants his stainless 92 bad!

Mr Andrews is up, there's a .45 case flying off to his right!


Strazz is up

I didnt realize it till now, but Burney did all three courses with HK gear. P7, MP5SD and the coolest little Benelli!

We had more than a couple lefties with us!

Russ, another lefty, was the first to come in with a score just slightly faster than Fulda's.

Hmmm, not as many of us kept as much distance as we should have from the corner. Good job Russ!

Run Mace!!!


Wanda... ANOTHER lefty!

Bryan, little does he know, later in the day will be taking one for the team!

Stephan didnt crowd his cover either.

Wendy's kicks butt and takes names

I hadnt seen the hold on to your spare mag while shooting technique in a long time. Otto retains his mag and saves time all at once!

Hi-cap 1911's! Yummy.
Link Posted: 10/27/2003 11:12:43 AM EST
SHOTGUN TIME!!!!!! Some os us really had to dust the old scatter guns off, and it showed when it came our turn to shoot. Others really showed off what a great gun shotguns are!

Tony was up first

Nice shotgun Hawkeye!

That SPAS really matches Fulda's personality...

M4Real, or maybe we should say Winch1300Real!

Mr Anrews wasnt entirely happy with his run. Few of us were!

Awesome action shot here. Look how I caught him justas he was showing clear!?!?!

Look at this idiot.

If I werent so busy posing for the last picture I might have remembered to close my action all the way before shooting!

Umm, whats wrong with this thing!

OK, now I got it running!

We'll see when the scores get posted, but one way or the other, he had about one of the best runs I noticed.

Some folks said that with practice you can shoot a pump nearly as fast as an autoloader. I dont believe them anymore.

Dirk with what I think is about the most well used shotgun I have ever seen.

Knocking down the last pin

You know all those guns you say you would get if their werent laws prohibiting you from having them. Well... Burney has them **all** (and the paperwork allowing him to have them BTW)

Look, he is reaching to reload before the last shell he shot even hits the deck!

Russ had a smooth run

Knocking down the pins!


Otto shoots his old scattergun, that now belongs to Mr Andrews!

CS223 demonstrated to me again that you CAN NOT shoot a pump as fast as a autoloader.

Theres another cool shotgun!


Need one more round to finish the course, Chuck got your back!

Wendy said it was her first time with the shotgun. I would not have guessed. Bravo

Link Posted: 10/27/2003 11:13:40 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/27/2003 11:27:45 AM EST by new-arguy]
OK, now this is better. Time for the RIFLES!
Hawkeye moved a little too quick for me. Any faster I would have missed him all together! Theres a #59 SIR

Daniel with an RAS and forward grip he won at the anniversary shoot!

Norm breaks out the AR this month

What does PowershipMC mean anyway!

There's a #50 SIR


M4Real busts out one of the old school FDCC shirts

Russ finishing his relaod

Im glad this case of ammo is almost gone!

Nother SKS in the house!

This is my artistic side coming through. Can you feel what I am trying to say with this picture? Can you feel the depth! Either that or maybe I just suck.

Thats a little better

Mace, an AK guy... one in every crowd!

Stazz ducking for cover!

OK, there's a #46 SIR

Chuck with his lightweight

Wanda with the new 97s. She had a HUGE smile after the course was over... I think she likes it!

Otto with his new V-Match carbine upper

Burney with his last HK... of the day that is.

Wendy, you will need a rifle to do the rifle course. Oh, wait, there's a rifle in there somewhere!

Stephan with a Magpul stock he won at the Anniversary shoot. Actually, I think Wendy won it and gave it to him for his Birthday!

Bryan, you're a bloody mess!

Sam with a Surefire M500 he won at the anniversary shoot.

Get up and RUN!

Another one of my artistic shots

OK, shoot is over. Now we're all just goofing off...

Well, who can name this SIR? Anyone, anyone? Hawkeye... shutup, you dont count!

Fulda tries the TAO1+Aimpoint combo out.

I tired to get all the shells in mid air, but I only can see 3

The Uzi spits the shells out a little faster!
Link Posted: 10/27/2003 5:21:30 PM EST
You guys have all the fun.

Congratulations on another great shoot.
Link Posted: 10/27/2003 5:33:58 PM EST

Originally Posted By Rabbit9:
You guys have all the fun.

I'll say, this was one of the better matchs, probably because reset times were so fast and things were moving along. Plus the 3-gun part of it. Our team working, timing reseting were not nearly as beat at the end.
Link Posted: 10/28/2003 3:59:38 AM EST
Guys, it looks like I have missed a lot of fun. Sorry guys I haven't been out there to keep up with my duties. I will most definately be back for the shoot in November. Damn I miss it! See you guys at the end of the month.

Link Posted: 10/28/2003 7:38:27 AM EST
Damn I'm sad I missed it this month... I had even picked up some 3" sabots for the shotgun course. Yeah, my times would suck, but I'm curious to see the effect on bowling pins....

Glad you all had fun and I'll try to make the next one...
Link Posted: 10/28/2003 11:08:59 AM EST
I was wondering why the hell people were laughing...

Now I know! That one is a true classic, thanks Neil!
Link Posted: 10/28/2003 4:08:36 PM EST
Here's my attempt once again at posting pictures. If it don't work, just go to printroom.com and look under "Neeglik" and then in my FDCC folder.

Brian takes one for the team!

Link Posted: 10/31/2003 11:39:41 AM EST

Originally Posted By new-arguy:
Mace, an AK guy... one in every crowd!

AK guy? Well... I'm not so much an AK guy as a broke guy who noticed that AKs cost less then half as much as ARs but still send lead downrange pretty well.

Link Posted: 10/31/2003 11:55:18 AM EST

Do I like them better than my AR's? No, but I'd never knock 'em. The AK's (Romanian) are a great deal, and shoot nicely as well. I think this AK setup cost me about $500. I've shot it at previous FDCC matches and done pretty well.

Link Posted: 10/31/2003 12:52:17 PM EST
I had an SAR2 i sold it! Someone asked at this competition if i had well i have now! I should of asked you guys before selling it on Gbroker it had a lot of stuff with it(cobra site wood furniture,synthetic sar3 type furniture, muzzle brake attached, 11 mags 1000rnds and more all for 600$ ;) ). Im planning to buy something of the same reliability so ive read but much more rare! As far as accuracy i think SARs are excellent and you can be just as fast/precise as anyone with an AR (Atleast for the distance we've done lately.). Cobra sites help a lot too. This is ofcourse MO not trying to start an AR/AK war!
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