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Posted: 4/20/2010 4:41:01 PM EDT
Got a text from the owner of the company today, it seems that he went to re-up the health care insurance today (annual thing) and the coverage has gone up by 76% over last year. Even a plan with a $4000 deductible will be 56% higher than what we have now. We pay 50% of the premium. We are a small company of 9 employees in the construction related field so I guess my insurance got the ax today. The boss says he would be glad to pony up the extra $ but we have to have 75% of all employees sign on to keep the plan. 5 out of 9 of my coworkers make $12hr or less so there is no way they will be able to afford it. Lucky for me the wife is a teacher so I'll move to her insurance, my coworkers wont be so lucky.
Link Posted: 4/20/2010 4:59:03 PM EDT
Most people still have realized it but the ones that pushed the health care reform were the insurance companies. They gave Obama more campaign money than any other presidential candidate.
They are guaranteed more profits by having to pay less by the gov't bureaucracy we have yet to see unfold, and with more people required to buy insurance.
We're screwed.
Next is the cap and trade bill which also will really dig deep into our pockets.
Link Posted: 4/21/2010 4:55:42 AM EDT
My customer base consists of farmer/ranchers, for the most part.

Was somewhat shocked yesterday when one farm couple came to pickup their combine, conversation turned to politics, and these folks have been active Tea-partiers. Good on 'em!

The one big concern these folks put up... if things go democratic in the fall, and if Obama gets elected again, then we may never have elections again!

think a lot of soil brothers have came to the conclusion that the Obama regime is no friend of the American farmer.

We have to take care of the people that feed us...or we will be doomed!

My poor partner in crime....he was a democrat....his father was a democrat(mine was too...Carter cured him), became a 'Galvanized Republican' before the last elections. My father already 'galvanized' before I registered to vote made sure I knew the score before I registered. Both our fathers life-long farmers. I believe many farmers in OK were once democrats....but no longer. If you ask why they swapped alliegence, Carter comes into the conversation.

I never paid too much attention to Jimmy Carter...he existed is potus before I voted...but the big 'O' has seriously cemented some hard feelings amongst the 'Brothers of the Soil'.....they hate his guts....Have not heard from a farmer yet that has a good thing to say. These guy's have much to lose with Obama and crew in power.

Link Posted: 4/21/2010 10:35:56 AM EDT
If people ever find out who owns Obama, and lots of our Congressmen, there will be hell to pay.
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