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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/6/2003 3:15:41 PM EST
here i am in des moines, where are the good gun shops, and are their any small time part time dealers i might need to know about. who does the best (read: cheapest) transfers? who do i need to know in des moines???

and does anyone know of someone in des moies that deals SKB shotguns (not for me, im looking for a relative)

thanks ar15.com brethren
Link Posted: 9/6/2003 8:09:40 PM EST
I help out Jack from Jack Smith Gun Sales up on Hubbell Avenue north of the fairgrounds at the gun shows. He has an actual store and is very knowledgeable in most firearms but his specialty is military surplus and original firearms as he's been dealing with these since the '60's. Jack doesn't do transfers per se but will order anything that you want at his normal retail markup. He always gets a lot of used firearms since he caters to the east and south-siders and unlike the other gunshop(s) he's taking trades and still buys used stuff. He goes thru all his used/traded firearms and guarantees them to be safe/headspace/& fire. Jack has been around long enough and is set in his ways so there's no bull-shitting him & he tells it like he sees it whether you like it or not. Jack has a lot of surplus parts at the store but much more at home so if there's anything in particular you want then just ask him. Only other actual gunshop left in Des Moines area is JLM and I haven't been there since they moved, couldn't afford their prices before they moved and I know it can't be any better now. Sorry for the rant but I hope this helps. Kevin.
Link Posted: 9/7/2003 3:56:16 AM EST
Last time I was in JLM, they had some very nice stuff to look at, but the prices were a little high. Fun place to browse, for sure.

Jack Smith is just as BH says. I've bought some stuff from him. I think maybe BH hauled a case of Port out to my truck at the fairgrounds one time.

Jim's Gun and Pawn on SE 14th may be worth a look, or if you are driving north, there is Jacobson's Gun Shop in Story City. Neither of these places has spectacular prices, but looking is free.

I get most of my stuff at the fairground gunshows.
Link Posted: 9/9/2003 9:34:22 AM EST
Agreed, the shows are the best place to go.

I seem to do most of my business with Bob's Shooting Supplies out of Monroe, about 20 miles east of DSM. He has a small shop, but mostly works the shows. Transfer fee is $20 or $25, can't remember which. Have bought from Jack Smith. JLM is a petting zoo, pretty to look at but too expensive. Jacobson's in Story City is decent shop, but also on the high side. He is one of the few gunsmiths in the area tho. Does good work but is usually several weeks behind.
Been to Jim's once or twice. Has lots of stuff.

Ammo Bearer, Fin and Feather, and Scheel's, all in the Iowa City area are also good. Supposed to get a Scheels at the new mall in WDM, but that's at least a year away.

Still a few "basement bandits" out there but they are gitting fewer and fewer. Most are strictly word of mouth, friend to friend deals.
Page Hometown » Iowa
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