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Posted: 1/17/2015 7:54:18 PM EST
In fostoria which is between Milford and Spencer Iowa a new range opened up on friday called Apex it is part of Apex ammunition. I have been looking forward to this for a while and had been hearing different things and waiting on them to get opened up for the range for a few weeks now. They had a delay because of something with the target system.

I didn't have time to shoot today but I went in and had the guy working show me around. Pictured below is bay 1 and the 'pro shop' shop is pretty small but Im not really worried about that part I was more concerned with having an indoor range.

The range has 6 stalls in bay 1 and bay 2 is finishing fabrication now and is nearly completed opening another 6 bays. I like it because the two sections are separated so it limits the sound and the smoke etc from the other side of the bay. The hvac system was pretty heavy duty and is being added to on monday from my understanding because they wanted it to be even more powerful. Bay 1 still needs paint but for now there was 5 yard increments on the walls out to the 27 yard full range. The target system is nice and is simply forward or back there is not set range amounts or a complicated system you just hold forward until it goes to where you want then stop.

I think the cost was pretty reasonable for memberships and a bit steep for day use. Single member is 250 for the year while family of 4 is 350 with just one key fob additional fobs are 25 bucks. I was a member of a range in colorado that had that as the member ship fee and then had dues each month as well so it really isn't that bad. The worker said they offer a military/vet/leo discount but I didn't ask how much. You can also pay by the day for 20 bucks which was my understanding they might have an hourly rate but I forgot to ask.

The range was pretty nice inside and the temp control had it very comfortable with good lighting. I was a bit let down that they do not allow you to draw from a holster as of now and I asked if it was something I could test off on or something which he said might be possible but I would have to talk to the resident trainers/owner so I will look into that. I don't believe there was any rate of fire limitations which is a good thing.

One thing I liked was they are open from pretty early in the morning until 11 at night. So if I get the urge to shoot at 9 at night I can head out and get a couple rounds off. I was debating heading over there because in my area we have the spring run complex which is close to me but is out doors as well as in spencer there is another range. The big thing is I have dealt with some bad eggs in my hundreds of range trips out there over the years. All it takes is the booze cruise guys who want to get smashed and shoot up a bunch of fruit to make it a bad time. I like that the indoor is temp control and rain won't stop me. I think it will be worth the money and am planning on getting a member ship in hopes that I start hitting my pistol skills a lot more.

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Originally Posted By septic-tank13:
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Joined up yesterday and took my dad out shooting. I think it will be a good range for pistol work this winter for me. I need to double up on ear pro inside though I forget how loud indoor ranges can be and with my ears being bad they ring pretty good if I have any loud exposure at all.
Link Posted: 1/19/2015 5:34:57 PM EST
sounds like good stuff. i'm stoked to see all these new ranges. good stuff!

thanks for posting nick!
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