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Posted: 2/15/2012 8:31:43 AM EDT
I live in the Flint area and need a trustworthy gunsmith for my Lancaster AKM. Cant seem to get more than 5 rounds thru the thing without it blowing out the damn firing pin. Spoke to Marc Krebs and he said the firing pin hole might be too big. Im not sending it back to the dirtbags at Lancaster, I want someone local to fix it. I think it might need a new bolt/headspacing. Williams gunsight is way overpriced - they want 40 bucks just to look at the friggin rifle. Any suggestions out there?
Link Posted: 2/15/2012 10:21:33 AM EDT
Head space issues on an AK...not good. Isn't that set when the barrel is pressed on? Does the round fully chamber, can you tell if the lugs are locking? Have you talked to Lancaster or the place you bought it about returning it?

What's the Krebs connection? You know him, or purchase it through them?
Firing pin hole too big? (never heard of that one).

I'd only take t to a shop that specializes in or builds AKs, but that's just me, and I'm only an AK enthusiast, NOT a gunsmith. Sorry I don't have more than questions!
Link Posted: 2/15/2012 11:21:02 AM EDT
I think the headspace is either set when the barrel is pressed or by altering/taking material off the bolt. It chambers a round just fine but when firing smoke comes out of the receiver. Im a handy guy but I dont want to mess up a $600 rifle, would rather take it to a pro. I called Krebs and others and he put in his 2 cents, but they dont do repairs - just warranty fixes for their guns. I dont want to have to ship it out and pay the extra when I could keep it in house. Lancaster is a horrible company, they are currently under investigation by the AGs office in Arizona for shady business practices so no, i didnt even bother calling them. im sure I will at least have to buy a new bolt but we will see.
Link Posted: 2/15/2012 4:59:24 PM EDT
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could not locate a specific ak smith, but you may want to ask on the AK47 board. Here is a list for general smiths


ak-47.net and akfiles.com and I don't think Ohio Ordinance Works would be a bad bet. UPS ground will get there the next day if you chose to go that route
Link Posted: 2/16/2012 4:29:56 AM EDT
Thanks for the info. i dont mind driving a ways for someone who is good. I go to Cabelas once in a while so Ohio isnt totally out of the question. I just want this gun fixed right so i can use it this summer. Never got to use it last year, what use is having a broken gun, ya know.
Link Posted: 2/16/2012 5:10:41 PM EDT
Look up Dinzag Arms. Should only take 20-30 minutes from Flint. Great guys. The shop looks a little rough but they know their stuff.

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