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Posted: 7/13/2003 5:42:38 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/14/2003 4:15:32 AM EST by TUBBY]
I am in the central Ohio area. The gun club I belong to is comprised mainly of shotgun and target pistol shooters. I am one of the only rifle shooters and it was told to me in no uncertain terms that many of the members do not like my AR's, AK's, FAL's etc... Mainly when I do fast close range shooting. So some new restrictions have been put into place. The new regulations apply to the rifle range only. Slow fire at 100 yards only if the rule, some baffles were built that must be used in front of the bench and make it so loud that is isn't fun to shoot anymore.

Has anyone out there bought land just for shooting? How did you find the land? How much land did you buy? Were there any problems that I should look out for in advance?? Thanks
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 8:15:00 PM EST
Hey, arent you the guy who used to come in the Powder Room? Im Eric, I used to work there before I went in the Air Force. That 625 you sold me is still doing well. What range is screwing you? I hope you find some land so you dont have to dick around with ranges. Ever since I moved to Nellis AFB, NV I just find some desert outside the city limits and we rock and roll. Cheers. BTW, are you still looking for an M1A?
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 8:29:27 PM EST
People who own gun's that are anti gun.

Help us Lord.
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 2:44:35 AM EST
Eric, good to hear from you. Glad to hear about the 625, that is a nice gun. You would not believe how much better the Powder Room is now that Dan and Bill have bought it. Send me your phone number and I will give you a call sometime.
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 2:57:44 AM EST
Must be an Ohio thing. My gun club is comprised mostly of black powder and skeet/trap shooters. Occasionally they have a hi-power match, but the general attitude is that of contempt for ALL semi-auto rifles.
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 3:27:22 AM EST
I am not a trap/skeet guy. I have shot some, it is fun, but rifle is what I like.

I joined SCSA last year to use the rifle range. Well, I found out after the fact that the only time you can shoot on the 200 yard range is during a supervised service rifle match... ouch.

They have room to make a 300 yard range, but the liability is 'too much' to actually put it in.

I need to find a rifle-friendly range.
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 2:33:27 PM EST
Drive over to New Philadephia to Tusco Rifle and Pistol. Even AUTO fire is permitted there.

Your "central Ohio" location is a bit vague, but it's probably no more than 90 minutes or so. And worth the drive.

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 8:12:42 AM EST
SCSA sucks hard... i belonged to it for a long time...

tusko is good and ashland lake is good but vary pricey your first year...

most of my rifels i need a 200+ range to make them fun.. 100 is like shooting inside for me :(
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 8:19:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/17/2003 8:19:55 AM EST by russr]
Tusco Rifle Club: Take Interstate 77 to US 250 east (just south of New Philadelphia). Take US 250 East to the Midvale exit (third exit). Turn left at top of exit, cross the bridge over 250 and turn right at the first traffic light. Follow this road as it bears left in Midvale (there is a Tusco sign at this intersection). Tusco Rifle Club and entrance will be on your left about 1.25 miles after exiting Midvale.If you are looking for a safe and friendly place to shoot, you might want to join our Club. Family membership is $45.00 per year with a $45.00 initiation fee for the first year. The initiation fee may be reclaimed by working 10 hours the first year.
For current range information call 330-339-3715, http://www.geocities.com/tuscorp/
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 8:43:26 AM EST
Its not just an Ohio thing, The closest range that I live too is the same way.

The only way I could ever get any realistic training in is to go 90 miles away, and obviously, thats not a possibility.
Link Posted: 7/17/2003 4:58:03 PM EST
Move west young men! I was a longtime resident of Ohio. Now I live in Nevada and the shooting is great out here. Just drive 15 minutes out of town and there you go. Plenty of free shooting land. When I lived in Ohio Id often ask farmers if they didnt mind if I shot on their back 40. Some didnt mind if you said you'd take care of any ground hogs or other pests and tell them you'd clean up any messes too. Otherwise you're stuck with ranges and their associated hassles.
Link Posted: 7/28/2003 11:03:58 AM EST
I joined the Sandusky Co. Sportsmens Club in Gibsonburg, OH. My first day there, their was a single action cowboy SASS member plinking with his Wyatt Earp guns...more power to him. But when I whipped out my AK and brass started flying, I started to get the wrinkled nose look and the "Hey, that brass is really flying down here" remarks. I said "Hey, sorry, but thats how THIS gun works" and went about shooting. After asking him a couple of times if he wanted to shoot it, he finally gave in. I handed him a 30 rd mag and pointed to the gun. He picked it up and just stared at it. I asked him what was wrong, and he sheepishly said "I don't know how to load it"! I did my best not to laugh and make him feel bad, and walked him through the steps. 30 rds downrange later, he had a big grin on his face and said "Hey, pretty cool"! I said "see, thier not as evil as everyone makes them out to be". I told him, "there are no evil guns, only evil people"!
Link Posted: 7/28/2003 7:35:47 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/28/2003 7:37:33 PM EST by tk421]
The range I go to, in Bellefontaine, is pretty decent. It goes to 200 yards, which kind of sucks but its the longest one I've found. The Logan County Sheriff's Office gets it pretty much whenever they want, which really sucks ass. I hate driving 20 minutes only to discover that I cant use the range. They're supposed to get it certain days (last Thursday of every month, I think), but they take it pretty much whenever they please.

Other than that, though, the only thing they really seem to frown upon is setting the range on fire with 7.62x54mmR API ammo. Dont ask how I know.....

Also, Sunday is the Boring Trap/Skeet thing. Blah! At least they have a paper you can pick up for free at the gun store that tells you what dates the Boring Trap/Skeet crew is doing their thing, when the Logan County Handgun Assoc. is doing their thing, and when the archers are doing THEIR thing.

EDITED TO ADD: I've also got a buddy that lets me use his back yard/field. 175 yards and grown wild but its better than nothing. Also looking into a few other places to shoot on private property.
Link Posted: 8/6/2003 5:54:10 PM EST
Delphos has a 300 yard range, 1/2 hour away from Lima which has the Sabres Club. Delphos range is usually pretty available, about any day. Always relaxing to shoot there.

Link Posted: 8/16/2003 3:46:01 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/16/2003 3:47:24 AM EST by hoss622]
You really need to check out our club at ALGC. We started a new tactical rifle and shotgun program this year which is doing very well. We have our first Three Gun match scheduled for September 13th.

Check out our webpage: www.ashlandlakegunclub.org

We don't have any problems with people shooting as fast as they can pull the trigger as long as the bullets are hitting the impact area (and not skipping off the ground first). We have had problems with people doing really stupid stuff, like shooting uncontrolled from the hip, skipping rounds off the ground and over the backstop. This will get us in trouble.

We do allow some full-auto shooting, but only during our scheduled subgun matches, and those are pistol caliber only.

Check us out.

Link Posted: 8/16/2003 3:49:11 AM EST

Originally Posted By BenDover:
Must be an Ohio thing. My gun club is comprised mostly of black powder and skeet/trap shooters. Occasionally they have a hi-power match, but the general attitude is that of contempt for ALL semi-auto rifles.

Oh i bet they LOVE you!


Link Posted: 8/17/2003 1:47:42 AM EST
I used to belong to 2 clubs, Miamisburg Sportsmans club and Middletown. I got tired of packing up all my stuff and heading to the range twice a week or more so I bought an old Dairy farm and 15 of it's surrounding acres. Unfortunately I couldn't afford all 200. Within a couple weeks of moving in I had my range set up. I've got a big hillside in back of one of the barns that ranges out via laser at 75 yards. I can set up stands just about anywhere in between. I also made up some swinging metal "dingers" to use with pistols or .22s. Out in the field adjacent to that I built backstops at 150, 200 and 300 yards. There's a large concrete pad behind the barn so brass is easy to gather and my chrono stand can be easily placed in front of the shooting table. I built a big picnic table with a special elbow rest on one end. I've got wind flags and pipes in the ground to hold target stands at each location. Setting/checking targets is a breeze with my golf cart. My reloading shop, complete with 3 presses, one a Dillon 650XL, is 50 feet away from the shooting pad. I pretty much love it. As an added bonus, it seems there's a colony of ground hogs living in the creekbank just behind the range in the woods. Occasionally, one will wander onto the range which I keep mowed so they are easy to spot. It's big fun to make them dance :-)

I don't miss the days of stupid rules, idiots and asshole RO's at all.
Link Posted: 8/28/2003 12:31:37 PM EST
Coltshooter, I live in Riverside, where are you?

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