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Posted: 3/9/2006 6:54:21 PM EDT
I am currently in the process of getting my CCW, so hopefully this will not be an isuse for much longer.

However, I am wanting to purchase a new handgun this upcoming weekend, and I just purchased one last weekend. I know that you have to wait 30 days between new purchases.

However, the FFL that normally handles my transfers at one point mentioned that if you are trading in a gun and getting a new one, then the 30 day rule does not apply. I have no reason to believe that this is not true, but I was just wanting some verification of this.

I have a Kel-tec that I don't really want and never really wanted, but it was included in a trade so I can get equal value. I have no problem with trading this one to a dealer and honestly, the value I get in return is not that big of a deal.

If I can get the dealer (probably Trader Jerry's because he has the gun that I want for the same price that I can really get it anywhere else) to take the Kel-tec in a trade, can I purchase that handgun without waiting?

Link Posted: 3/9/2006 7:31:30 PM EDT
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You cannot increase the quantity of handguns in your collection by more than one in a 30 day period unless you either have a CCW or have a form from your local CLEO approving a mulitple handgun purchase. Things like trading in one pistol on another, getting a pistol back from a smith or redeeming a pawned handgun don't count.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 9:10:14 PM EDT
You can purchase as many handguns as you like without a permit, but can only take possession of 1 every 30 days without a CCW permit. That way if something rare or you gotta have it since its been on your wish list forever comes about you can secure it for later transfer. Probably not going to do you much good at a gunshow with traveling dealers though. You can trade for another handgun with no problem.
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