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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/13/2003 8:27:17 PM EDT
My bride and I were coming home from a well deserved week in Buxton, OBX, earlier today. A wonderful week of eating lots of fish, and doing absolutely nothing.

On the way home, it happened.... I had been looking out for some stupid shit all week.

About 2pm, we were traveling 64 westbound in lots of traffic. About 100 yards east of Old Milburnie Rd, we were rear ended by a mid 90's model white Ford Taurus. I had been watching the car in my rear view for a few hundred yards, as the traffic was stop and go.

We were stopped, he was going 15-20 mph. I saw that my wife was ok, and jumped out. He was getting out of his car. I asked if he had a cell phone, he advised that he did, and I told him to call 911. I saw the front end of his car was pretty well flattened, as was the back of my wife's 4runner. As I went back to our car, the fucker cut into the median and went around us.

"HE'S RUNNING!!!" The bride was already on the cell with 911. Of course, I followed.

He turned right on Headingham, went left at the CC, continued past the Fire Station to the end of the road, and turned left. He took a right on Southall and passed several cars in some curves.

At this point, I saw that he was more of a hazard to others on the road than the risk was worth, and I quit the chase.

I waited at the corner of Southall and Castlebrook(?) for a cruiser.

After the investigation, which included returning to the scene, the officer told us to go home and call our insurance company.

Here's the info on the worthless fuck(insert your favorite expletive here)...

Mid 90's model white Ford Taurus driven by an early 20's black male, no shirt, white do-rag. After the collision, the Taurus had a puking radiator (anitfreeze all over the road), and quite a bit of front end damage. NC license tag PVL-1628 (at least that's what the bride was relaying to the 911 dispatcher, I was intent on following, and watching my traffic patterns), tag issued to a late 80's Mazda RX-7, according to the investigating officer.

Ain't that some shit........
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 4:08:26 PM EDT
I'll keep my eyes peeled. Sorry about that, what a sh*tty way to end a nice weekend. I was down in Wilmington this weekend myself, and with the exception of some SEVERE thunderstorms Saturday night it was a great weekend to be at the beach!

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