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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 11/21/2012 2:37:57 PM EST
Hi a friend of mine in Italy ( license to export ok) is buying this scope:

Now seems that is a little confused how the reticle and turrets works and I cannot help him, if somebody can help us out we greatly appreciated
Thks in advance
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 2:55:11 PM EST
Does he read and understand English? If so, then won't he be able to follow the instructions that come with the scope? It 's really pretty simple. If you want the point of impact to move "up", you rotate the top turret in the direction that indicates "up". Same with windage, but using, of course, the horizontal turret. This sure ain't rocket science, that's for sure.
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 3:32:23 PM EST
He read english and he knows how to use a scope ( he's a bench rest shooter ) , now he's switching to long range tactical and he have money to spend
He not familiar with the scope and the reticle and seems it does not work like the ones that he use, as I said I cannot help him, this is why I'm asking for help here, I know how to use a scope myself.
Again thks in advance for any help/info
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 4:28:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/21/2012 4:33:22 PM EST by cmshoot]
Turning the top turret (elevation turret) counterclockwise will move the strike of the round up .25MOA per 100yds, per click. That equates to .25" at 100yards, .50" at 200yds, 1.25" at 500yds, 2.5" at 1000yds, etc.

Turning the right side turret (windage turret) counterclockwise will move the strike of the round to the right .25MOA per 100yds, per click.

The reticle is also set up in MOA's. It can be used to both range unknown distance targets of a known size, and to allow for hold-offs (Kentucky windage and Tennessee elevation).

For instance, say that you have a 100yd zero and that your dope for 400yds is 8MOA. You could dial in 8MOA, or alternatively, you could hold over and use the hashmark labelled "8" as your new crosshair.

For ranging, I'm assuming that the reticle is "true" MOA and not "shooter's" MOA. First thing to do is to accurately measure the target with the reticle and take of note of what figure you get. This number will be your measurement in MOA. At a minimum, you need to get it down to tenths, although hundredths are way better and thousandths are the shit.

The formula for ranging and unknown distance target with a true MOA reticle is:

Measure target in inches with range in yards: Multiply the size of the target in inches by the constant of 95.5. Take the answer and divide it by the MOA reading you get when measuring the target. The answer will be your target's range in yards.

Measure target in inches with range in meters: Size of the target in inches multiplied by 87.32. Divide by MOA measurement of target, answer will be range to the target in meters.

Measure target in centimeters with range in meters: Size of the target in centimeters multiplied by 34.37. Divide by MOA measurement of target, answer will be range to the target in meters.

Clear as mud?

Personally, if he is actually Italian and not American, he might have been better served with a mil/mil setup, and not an MOA/MOA. If he hasn't purchased it yet, have him get a setup with .1mil adjustments and a mil reticle, such as the Gen-2 XR. The .1mil adjustment will move the strike of the round 1cm per 100 meters.......he might be move comfortable with that setup.
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 4:38:54 PM EST
Thks Cmshoot

I not sure if he lready got it, but I'm gonna send him yr suggestion

Grazie n ciao
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 4:57:40 PM EST
The first part is clear and the basic of using a scope, even with the MOA he does not have a problem, beside the fact that he's going from 1/8 MOA click to 1/4 so easy for him.
I believe that his confusion is about the double turn knobs
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 5:35:14 PM EST
The double turn knobs just mean that you get all the available elevation in 2 turns of the elevation turret.
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