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Posted: 3/12/2011 6:45:10 AM EST
Hey everyone, need your help to help a friend.

One of the guys I work with has started getting into prepping. He's been buying extra groceries and so fourth. He had a baby 2 years ago and that changed the way he thinks about things. He knows I go shooting and asked for my help on firearms. We decided that a 12ga shotgun and a Glock 19 would be a good basis for him to start. I took him to a local dealer to buy a shotgun and he was denied on the NICS check. This was last year. Come to find out he got into some trouble when he was 18. He was charged with having a knife. He went to the town and went through the hole process to get a "Letter of Relief", I think that's what he called it, from the town. The town came back and gave him the letter after several months. Problem is the town made a point to put a clause in the letter to exclude firearms.

So bottom line is I need a Pro-Gun lawyer in Orange County that will press the town to get the clause removed. My friend has talked to the ATF already and they stated that once he has the letter, they would put it on file and he would pass the NICS check.

Any help would be appreciated.
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 7:30:45 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/12/2011 7:31:42 AM EST by rkbar15]
If you your friend was 18 a the time of the arrest he should not have ended up with a disqualifying conviction on his record. It sounds like he represented himself or there was something more than a simple knife possession charge.

Unless your friend has a complete file including arrest records and all court records he should obtain copies of everything from the court where the case was adjudicated prior to meeting with the attorney. In the meantime to get the ball rolling have him contact Robert Firriolo. If he can't help your friend directly I'm sure he can recommend someone local who can.

Robert Firriolo, ESQ, 212-692-1091

He also needs to get a copy of his criminal history file from both the FBI and DCJS. If the records don't accurately reflect the arrest/disposition records they will need to be corrected.



Link Posted: 3/14/2011 10:58:35 AM EST
Thanks RKBAR15. I'll forward to my friend. You could be right about the conditions of his arrest. He has not been very enthusiastic to give me the details. No problem, it's his business. Thanks again.
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