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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/30/2006 12:43:28 PM EST
On the 11th or March I agreed on a trade with a member of the boards "Joeybadabang". I sent the pack I promised and he in turn was supposed to send a bayonet and some magpull items. It is now the 30th and still no stuff. I have sent numerouse emails and IMs and he always says he is going to send it but it still is not here. How long should I wait to take some action? I am going to attach his replies and see if I am in the wrong?

On the 11th of march: From Joey
Hello there! I think that's fair deal as well. So I will ship out one Ontario Bayonet and one dozen Magpul and two Fobus mag couplers. By the way. Do you have any preference on the Bayonet. I mean do you want in green handle or black handle? Please let me know. Thank you. Joey

On the 13th of march from Joey:
You stuff should be there within 2-3 business days once I get off work and run to the USPS ASAP. Thanks Again

Then he calls me and said he was thinking about trading two more packs for an eotech. I said yes but I need my stuff first and on the 18th here is his reply to my email:

Hello Jim! I just got back from work and I will be going to my storage space tomorrow to pick up th bayonet. Also if I find the Eotech I will let you know as well. Thank you. George

--- On Fri 03/17, < glowfinger@hotmail.com > wrote:

From: [mailto: glowfinger@hotmail.com]
To: joeybadabang@myway.com
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 20:22:07 -0500
Subject: AR15.Com Email :: Glowfinger :: Pack

Hey dude did my stuff ship yet? I have not herd back. Did you find the Eotech? Thanks Jim

Then on the 28th I was getting fed up that I had recieved no package at all. So I sent him this email and this has his reply:

Hello Jim! Calm Down first so this way we will talk in a rational sense. First. let me guarantee you that you either will get your Ontario M-9 bayonet plus some magpul or make me an cash offer that I can just send you the money for the field pack Because I like the field pack and I am going to keep it. Besides you are a good man of your own word so I am not going to take you for a ride. But in the mean time as being a businessman myself. I am not going to make you feel like I am a jackass. And guess what! I have found the Eotech512 that you are asking for in my storage. So let'e do this one at a time and hopefully in the near future I can get more field pack from you as well . Talk to you later. George

--- On Mon 03/27, James Benson < glowfinger@hotmail.com > wrote:

From: James Benson [mailto: glowfinger@hotmail.com]
To: joeybadabang@myway.com
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:26:25 +0000
Subject: RE: AR15.Com Email :: Glowfinger :: Pack

George. It is now the 27th of march and you recieved the pack on the 11th. that is more than 2 weeks. If I don't get a tracking # by Wednesday I will be leaving negative feedback, asking for intervention on ar15.com and if that dosent work possible legal action. I have given you the benefit of the doubt but still no package. I expect a reply within 24 hours saying you understand. If you can't get the stuff you promised just send the pack back my way. Jim

Does anybody have any advise? How long should I wait. This sucks

Link Posted: 3/30/2006 2:26:40 PM EST
I would demand that he furnish you a USPS Delivery Confirmation number, or, a UPS tracking number within 24 hours of transmittal of a demand e-mail. I would also send a 'Return Receipt Requested' memo to him via USPS and demand the same response and/or delivery.

If he does not provide the numbers and furnishes BS excuses I would post this problem in the EE on ARFCOM. I would also pursue a claim against him for fraud with the Stae Attorney Generals' Office.

Sounds like BS rip off artist to me.

Charles the Gunsmith.
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