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Posted: 10/21/2004 8:45:26 PM EDT
Hey all. My brother in law to be, a former Marine, and newest recreational shooter wants to purchase an AR as well as a few other goodies. He lives on the upper end of Albany off of Western Avenue (for those that know the area).

I've been going through my ATF book, "Code of the City of Albany; Chapter 193, Article 3" - and it specifically states that the residents of the City of Albany have further restrictions on what they can own....but it doesnt say where the 'City' limits end. Are we to understand it as such that as long as one has a mailing address of 'Albany' that "Colt AR15A2 Delta HBAR and AR15A2 HBARs" and 'copies' are off limits???

I thought I had the Albany restrictions down pat, but seems dealers in the area are telling him different. As in, "there are certain models that you can own in Albany" Is this another 'grey area' such as the "its not a Colt, its a Bushmaster XM" kind of 'loophole' or as I fear, the dealers lack of legal knowledge.

Since the Albany Common Council never specifically cited Section 922 of 18 USC, I have advised my brother-in-law that the City of Albany ban is an entirely different beast than what most of the rest of the state now contends with.

Opinions, thoughts? Thanks!

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