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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/1/2006 5:19:51 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/1/2006 5:20:58 PM EST by GeorgeW2004]
Hey guys. If you ever poke around the ammunition board you've probably heard the buzz about the SS109 from Radway Green Armory. Link to the review topic. This stuff is getting pretty good right ups. It is NATO spec and it is real gov't ammo - not seconds.

I have a little deposable cash that I'm putting towards some ammo. Would anyone be interested in going in half and half on a 720 round can? Shoot me an email if you're interested.


Radway Green SS109 63gr Ammunition


Note: RG does not paint the tip green, but this is 63gr w/penetrator. SS109 / M855 Mil. Spec. Boxer, Non-Corrosive primed, Brass Case with NATO CROSS, Fully Reloadable. 63gr FMJSCBT w/c bullet.(Our catalog says 62gr, oops, press deadlines, etc. the Brits only have one 5.56 round and it is 63gr SS109. So, no paint.)

Made in the U.K. in the 90's.(92 headstamp for a lot of it, but no guarantees). Bulk pack in ammo cans, the stripper clips and bandoleers are INCLUDED with this ammo. The 2 tracer rounds per clip had to be removed so we are giving you the clips rather than sell them seperate.This is why the ammo can says 900 rounds when only 720 rounds of SS109 is sold per can. You know the reputation of Radway Green, This is Government ammo that the public RARELY gets to buy. Stock up supply is limited.

Note: We pulled a bullet on this ammo and the powder is Cylindrical, Short cut. Semi Auto's love this type of powder. All other 223 SS109 has ball powder.

Link Posted: 4/1/2006 5:27:18 PM EST
From Widener's:

What a beautiful day in East Tenneessee. I took my COLT MATCH HBAR (Mod 6601, 20") to the farm with a chrono and 150 Rds of Radway Green '92 headstamp. I chronographed the first 10 rounds from a cold gun and the results in FPS are as follows:

3075, 3091, 3114, 3033, 3077, 3069, 3089, 3050, 3107, 3069

Next, I fired 130 rounds at various speeds from slow fire to as fast as possible. About 20 minutes of shooting. Then, with the gun hot, I chronographed the last ten rounds and the results in FPS are as follows:

3136, 3136, 3084, 3058, 3052, 3108, 3071, 3044, 3082, 3086

There were no misfires, hangfires, FTE, FTF, or any other problem with the ammo. Every shot was flawless. THIS AMMO IS DEFINITELY POWERED UP TO NATO SPECS. and is the best deal going in 223 banging ammo, especially considering that Wincheseter and ATK are going to have a 6% increase in ammo in January 2006 AND another 6% increase on April 1, 2006. Save your brass boys, we are all going to be reloading considering the prices that are coming for new ammo.

MORE TESTING. January 15th, 2006

After the Kingsport, TN gun show, it was off to the mountains to further test the Radgreen Green in a "shorty." Test gun was a build-up, with Olympic lower and a collapseable stock & Rock River upper with 16" R4 barrell and another 16" upper with different bolt carrier. No FTF, FTE or any problems at all with feeding and ejecting. This ammo is excellent. I tested what is in stock, years of mfg are 1990 and 1992. Ten round string chronograph results were as follows:2898,2930,2935,2901,2884,2910,2836,2915,2842,­2898. Second string results with different upper and bolt carrier were as follows: 2885,2929,2952,2958,2944,2943,2984,3008,2893,­2986. Clearly, the ammo we have in stock is hot and ready. Functions flawlessly in "shorties" & 20" full size AR-15. It also fired without any problems in full auto mode from our M16A1. If there were problems, I'd tell ya and sell it according. We've been here almost 30 years and we will make it right.

This ammo is very good. In fact, it is great for the money AND it will be even better when you see how much .223 ammo is going to increase in price in 2006, if you can find any.

Link Posted: 4/2/2006 3:56:00 PM EST
Wow, no one?
Link Posted: 4/7/2006 6:18:23 AM EST
Unfortunately I'm finding your post too late. I just ordered another box from Wideners and am part way through the first box I bought when I got my AR. I like the ammo, although I have little reference. I've shot about 300 rounds with no failures, jams or misfires and it seems pretty accurate. For the price and the speed I'm going through it (only had my rifle for three weeks) it seems worth it to have a couple of boxes on hand. Wish I'd bought two boxes.
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