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Posted: 5/1/2003 5:12:47 PM EST
I need a good Class 3 dealer to help me locate and transfer Class 3 weapons in Alabama. Prefer Birmingham area. Was using Stratech Weaponry but Tony passed away last week. Thanks.
Link Posted: 5/2/2003 1:20:35 AM EST
Sorry to hear that about Tony. I know he was a friend to many MG shooters around the country.

The only Class 3 Dealer I know of is Summitt Ammo in Atalla and our own Balming (a member here) is an employee there. Maybe he'll see this and chime in.

Link Posted: 5/2/2003 1:45:40 PM EST


i just saw him last month at the tn shoot.

Tony you will be missed

Link Posted: 5/2/2003 1:47:09 PM EST
by the way summit ammo in gadsden

or the gun cellar in hoover.

those are the only 2 i know of.

Link Posted: 5/3/2003 4:55:57 PM EST
Yeah, Tony will be missed. He found out he had pancreatic cancer about 9 mos. ago. Tel # for Summit Ammo? Checked last week w/Gun Cellar and they had nothing. Hard to believe no more class 3 dealers.
Link Posted: 5/3/2003 5:04:37 PM EST
Hey Alaman,

I know you said you preferred B'ham area, but there is a new place that opened in Decatur recently called Mac's Machinegun Sales. You can find their number in the Yahoo! Yellow Pages.

Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:39:58 AM EST
Our # is 1-877-726-4345

Balming (Dan) @ Summit
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 2:57:20 PM EST
What does Summit have in stock?
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:06:31 PM EST
Right now all of the transferables are pending except a Colt MG-52 water cooled .50 BMG made in the 20s. It's one of about 17 left in the US, and is priced at around $25,000.

Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:35:28 PM EST
Thanks. Looking more for M16A1 or A2, AK47, Thompson 1A1 or similar. Let me know if you get something like that in.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 5:59:24 PM EST
Where do you shoot your MGs. I'm thinking about possibly getting a RLL or a RDIAS, and wondering if I'll have to go around the world to shoot.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 6:19:12 PM EST
I belong to FOP Range. There is also a public range around Chelsea where you can shoot class 3's
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 9:22:39 AM EST
I thought Southeastern Guns in Centerpoint was Class 3 at one time.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 10:46:01 AM EST
There are several in the Bham area, Nick hope at Rock Creek guns in Hueytown. There is also Jeff Ellis of Jeff's Guns as well. I am in north Alabama and am a dealer as well, Precision Defense Systems 256-771-0710.

Tony G
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 5:22:59 PM EST
Know Nick Hope's number? Called Jeff twice and left messages over 2 weeks-no return call.
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