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Posted: 8/14/2007 8:31:48 AM EDT
Subject: NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Sept 13,20,22 at LanghorneRodandGunClub.org

This newly released NRA Pistol program seeks to train the Citizen in proper use of force in defense of self and loved ones, while functioning in the real world. This as close to a nationally recognized "Concealed Carry Course" as you are likely to get!

This is so new, NRA is still listing every instructor on the website, because the lead in prep is significant. Every instructor and training counselor must take the course (14 hours) PLUS an additional weekend investment for an Instructor course. No exceptions. Jason Shafer, our local Training Counselor, will teach this course for us on September 13, September 20, and September 22 (all dates required) at Langhorne Rod and Gun Club, Inc. in Holland PA (LanghorneRodandGunClub.org North of Philadelphia, close to Newtown.)

There will be various demonstration/practice sessions with holster carry, off body carry (like feminine pocketbook, briefcase, etc) and evasive movements while maintaining on target. Remember, the goal is to never have to shoot, but when you must, definitive stops are best!

Cost is $175. Due to the intensity of training this particular evolution will be restricted to TEN students. Preference will be given to NRA Pistol instructors to 'seed' the program. REGISTRATION DEADLINE of AUGUST 23, 2007

Pre-Requisites are listed as completion of a basic pistol and a Personal Protection Inside the Home program. Challenge candidates can make personal arrangements with the Training Counselor (Jason JS@Vileweed.com or the "training" section of JSHolsters.com

Here is direct contact for Jason to register for the course.

484 544 0080

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