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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/2/2006 6:56:34 AM EST
Fairfax, VA-The National Rifle Association (NRA ) has filed a motion for contempt against the City of New Orleans, the mayor and the acting chief of police for failure to comply with a temporary restraining order, handed down September 12, 2005, ordering an end to all illegal gun confiscations.

"With looters, rapists and other thugs running rampant in New Orleans, Ray Nagin issued an order to disarm all law-abiding citizens," declared Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president. "With no law enforcement and 911 available, he left the victims vulnerable by stripping away their only means of defending themselves and their loved ones. Now Ray Nagin thinks he's above the law, and that's just wrong."

Attorneys for NRA have exhausted all efforts to cooperate with the defendants, Mayor Nagin and Chief Riley, who repeatedly ignored the court's permanent restraining order against their illegal gun confiscations.

"Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment," said Chris W. Cox, NRA chief lobbyist. "During a federally declared emergency, he abused his power and abandoned the very people he was sworn to protect. He took away the victims' freedom and their basic means of self-defense during an ill-fated and perilous time."

The motion also includes an order that all seized firearms must be returned to their rightful owners.


Link Posted: 3/2/2006 7:44:58 AM EST

This is the (dupe) police, open up in there we know you got a dupe.

We have a warrant:
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 9:09:48 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/2/2006 9:10:39 AM EST by motown_steve]
Are they STILL confiscating guns or are they just refusing to return the guns that they already confiscated?

Link Posted: 3/2/2006 12:04:40 PM EST

Originally Posted By motown_steve:
Are they STILL confiscating guns or are they just refusing to return the guns that they already confiscated?

Tag for an answer on this one.
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 2:42:57 PM EST
The way I see it is that Ngan is a huge disappointment to the citizens..

I would like to know what made him think about disarming the citizens, where does he get off taken peoples weapons for defense specially in the state of the disaster.

I would also like to know if everyone would get their weapons back. I am sure it was a cluster about documenting who weapons belong to who. You can certainly bet they wouldnt have got any of mine, other wise it would have been...meet my little friend.

Why didnt he focus on rounding up the bad guys with weapons rather then going to where he knew there were weapons, that was like taking candy from a baby..

It just doesnt make any sense to me.

I hope the NRA gets some satisfaction out of their motion but I doubt it.

Go get em !!
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 9:10:56 PM EST
Nagan makes no since. Hence the.........Chocolate CITY
Link Posted: 3/2/2006 9:18:08 PM EST
With the general public UNarmed it makes it safer for the bad ruys to rape and rob people.
Bad guys have rights also, someone has to look out for them !
And he is doing a GREAT job of it. Just look at how many bad guys came from there.
Just think how well their rights are being protected.

Link Posted: 3/3/2006 2:53:58 AM EST
Nagin is an idiot.
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 3:00:22 AM EST
Mayor Nagin at the same time moved his family to Dallas and bought a house there. I believe his children are attending Dallas schools. I guess he wanted to be close to his constituents.
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 6:52:22 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/3/2006 2:36:15 PM EST by cajunconan]

Originally Posted By WalkerTexasRanger:
Nagin is an idiot.

Link Posted: 3/3/2006 11:16:43 AM EST

Originally Posted By cajunconan:
Nagan makes no since. Hence the.........Chocolate CITY

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