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Posted: 11/28/2014 10:47:28 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/29/2014 5:17:33 AM EDT by RichardSIA]
Time for a major overhaul of the old site.
It's had no major changes in several years.
I can do the basic page editing but need some help with changing the page directory file/titles.
Would also like to change out some full size pics for thumbnails in order to keep the pages loading quick.
I do have a thumbnail editor but am a bit unsure of how to put them on the page and link to the full size image.

Still refusing to clutter my site up with ads to "Monetize" (Annoy the hell out of visitors).

Don't have $$ to spend at this time of year, cannot trade NFA items, can trade some accessories or range time with NFA.

Should only take a few minutes to do, maybe an hour?
But I really think anyone more qualified than myself should only need minutes.

Oh yea, it IS a MAC but that should be irrelevant as I have a compatible page editing program.
Please PM if you can help.

EDIT: Help with how to "Watermark" my pics would be helpful too.

EDIT 2: OK, so I got most of it, still some page editing to do and the menu bar no longer highlights the selected topic but it's almost good.
Only took me several hours, power going out several times tonight has not helped.
Have not attempted the thumbnails yet.
Could probably still use some help to bring it all up to date, seems there is a newfangled HTML-5 out now?
Link Posted: 11/30/2014 12:28:11 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/30/2014 5:56:26 PM EDT by RichardSIA]
Almost done, what a PITA.

I never learned to type worth a damn, now all this editing.
Still need to pay the Vig to get the watermark program and PDF form creation going.

I think it's better but still not slick, ah well.

If anyone can help it's probably worth taking another shot at to polish it up.
Not linking to avoid getting slammed for "Advertising".

EDIT: OK, I'm done for now.
Too many other things to be done to fumble around trying to get trick with thumbnail links on my own.

If anyone want to shoot up some of my ammo in exchange for site help PM me.
Link Posted: 11/30/2014 3:01:12 AM EDT
Hey Richard will you pm me the address? I'm in GVille and always looking for something cool. Thanks.
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