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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/16/2005 3:48:06 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2005 7:07:14 AM EDT by mirror]
I recently moved to Garfield/NJ and applied for my FID. I was told by the detective that this would take about 3 months. Is this right? I had read in the and been told that by law they need to tell you after 30 days if you have been approved or denied.

It looks like I may not be able to get this yrs SEBR, if I don't hear from them by end of Sept.


(Correction made, sorry go FFL and FID screwed up)
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 6:15:41 AM EDT

Federal Firearms License or Firearms ID Card.... the FFL is for a dealer, and the FID is for the opressed of NJ to purchase a firearm. My FID has been in process since 6-30 and still nothing.

Who knows.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 7:21:19 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2005 7:22:20 AM EDT by RavenVT100]
The law in New Jersey says they must give it to you within 30 days. But New Jersey does not follow its own laws. It isn't unheard of for people to wait up to a year to hear back from the police about their applications (that is, if they hear back at all). I know where Garfield is, and I highly doubt that you'll be hearing back within 30 days. If they said three months, maybe it'll take three months. Maybe five. Who knows.

The local towns around me have usually taken 2-3 months, but I hear that that's an exception rather than the rule.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 7:30:21 AM EDT
Yeah, the detective told me in my dept that it will take 3-4 months. Hopefully i get it back in time for hunting season....
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 2:33:07 PM EDT
After some verification it looks like I will be able to get the SEBR. Hopefully it is only 3 months, but after talking to people and reading replies I wouldn't be surprised if it takes longer.

Link Posted: 8/16/2005 2:37:13 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 3:33:36 PM EDT
The Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs, in it's expanding role of representing the gun owners of the State, is taking on the municipalities, police and petty bureaucrats that do not obey the law.
By law, an honest citizen is supposed to get his/her FID card within 30 days. Very few citizens get this proper treatment. Three to six months seem to be the norm. It seems that Mike Bodner, ANJRPC Legal Affairs Committe Chairman has found a way to get the attention of the BLOCKERS. The most recent newsletter of the Association relates a number of stalling cases that were successfully resolved. If you are having problems give Mike a call at 973-293-8239.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 3:45:14 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2005 3:46:18 PM EDT by mirror]

Originally Posted By FMJunkie:
Don't sweat the three months, it takes a lot of people that long. As far as the rifle, find a good FFL to do the transfer and they will gladly hold it for you if you ID card isn't back in time. I suggest PK90 who is a member here and located in South Jersey. (worth the drive if you live in the North)

I already contacted him, but thx for the reference.

Thx for the info Lugerman, i will contact him if needed.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 5:11:41 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/16/2005 5:19:33 PM EDT by CK1]
I'm talking way out of my league and I'm not a lawyer but my civics class gives me insight into how you could go about fixing this mess. Most likely, this will take longer than waiting it out but boy will you make some sparks fly.

It involves bringing a lawsuit against NJ and the respective agency that handles your FID (be it local or NJSP). Seek injunctive relief against the defendents citing a violation of your right to procedural due process under the fifth amendment afforded to you by the federal government and incorporated by the federal government on behalf on the state of New Jersey. Injunctive relief should mandate that all issuing agencies must follow that particular portion of NJ law SBGF534.1 sub-paragraph B (can you guess I didn't google for it? ) that contains the 30-days-shall-issue clause.

The very important key here is suing on the grounds of procedural due process rather than substantive. Procedural due process makes no question as to the constitutionality of the law (RKBA in NJ under both state and federal constitutions) rather it points out that the enforcement of the law does not adhere to the written law. Finding jurisprudence to back that claim is easy and plentiful as you can draw upon a huge history of procedural error in every kind of law opposed to drawing from the limited cases involving the substance of RKBA.

You'd still need to be one hell of a lucky SOB to get a judge who isn't crooked to rule in your favor. But from my limited understanding of the process, an honest judge will side with enforcing the law as it was written as it would open up a whole big can of worms to rule otherwise. If the NJSP or local PD can get away with ignoring parts of the law, what would stop any agency like the DMV from "delaying" the issuance of DLs to certain peoples? Or local municipalities "delaying" building permits to undesirables?

On a side note: NJSP purposely beauracratizes the process. After the initial investigation of calling the references and checking criminal records, the app gets sent off to the NJSP HQ in Trenton and gets processed by two departments: firearms and fingerprints. Fingerprints take the longest as they process the actual prints from inked cards. My family and I paid state taxes to pay for a biometric machine that scans fingerprints instantly. In fact, it was right next to the fingerprinting table at the Hamilton barracks where I was fingerprinted. Criminals and suspects get to use the fast and expensive machine. I get to do it the ol' fashion way with ink and paper that takes 8 weeks and cost $52. Fingerprints aren't run through the FBI or a national database- that is just an excuse to keep you complacent. It is my understanding that there is no reason why a FID app can't be processed within the 30 days except for government red-tape. The technology and resources are there but agency regs and politics keep the process slow and low-tech.

ETA: This is me showboating now, if the state can argue on the behalf of women and the liberalizing of abortion on the basis of "undue burden" (thank you Sandra Day O'Connor), the state must honor the same principle by removing "undue burden" on its gun owners and shooters. The background check and paperwork should be as transparent and seamless as possible while meeting the requirement for public safety. A three-month wait is NOT seamless. A three-week wait is not as seamless but a reasonable compromise between all parties public and private.
Link Posted: 8/16/2005 5:16:25 PM EDT
As an aside CK1, it's apparent you got your FID. I remember you were worried about it too. Did it turn out ok?
Link Posted: 8/17/2005 4:43:44 AM EDT
Another strange thing. I was required to bring two stamped envelopes that will be sent to the references I put down on my application. It looks like they send out a questioner to your references in Garfield, instead of calling.

My friend in Clifton recently applied and didn't need to bring any sort of envelope.

Link Posted: 8/17/2005 11:47:07 AM EDT
I got mine from Clifton. They sent out a questionaire to each of my friends. They were sent out in "offical" City of Clifton stationery. Sounds like Garbagefield is trying to save $$.
Link Posted: 8/20/2005 8:32:06 PM EDT
The people I put down for reference have already gotten the questioner. Doesn't mean much, but good to see things are going along.

Funny thing is my friend from Clifton put in for his FID a month or 2 before me and non of the people he put down as references have been contacted as of this past week.

Link Posted: 8/21/2005 4:06:14 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/21/2005 7:49:36 AM EDT
CK1 has a good idea but he is right. No offense to him but you have no standing in law any longer.
This is an administrative process. You have entered into a contract by which the state and local governments have placed a set time. At that time they are in default of the contract.
Default of contract by state or local officals carries serious retribution on the part of the wronged party.
However, even moving along this path will take you 3 months to perfect your position. You will not get this advice from an attorney because they are licensed entities of the state and must abide by state rule rather than the rule of law.
If you chose to make this an issue you must move in common law and not in equity where your rights will be dismissed for failing to move in the proper venue. Entities of the state have no obligation to move in accordance with the rule of law.
Welcome to the Matrix.

Link Posted: 8/24/2005 3:44:26 AM EDT
the problem, as will be explained to you by your local PD, is not with the local PD. it is with the state police and/or the FBI. the local PD submits your fingerprint cards to the state police, who in turn consult with various federal agencies (e.g. the FBI) for possible matches. this process is so far down the priority list at the federal agencies that your application sits until someone has the free time to run a check on your prints and background.

nevertheless, when you complain to your local PD, they are just going to tell you that the NJSP or the FBI has not returned the results of their investigations, and "there is nothing we can do to speed it up."

my NJ FID took two months to the day in 2002 (keyport, monmouth county)


Link Posted: 8/24/2005 8:05:48 AM EDT
To be honest it's not always the PD's fault. They really do send your fingerprints and such out. I got my FID in about a month and a half, but I know it wasn't the PD's fault since I work there :). It can still be done faster, though (as it legally should). I was chomping at the bit the whole time. And to think that if only I lived a little farther west I'd be a happy gun camper (PA)...
Link Posted: 8/24/2005 8:23:39 AM EDT
Ah well... i am coming up on 2 months and no word... as depression sets in... I guess it's good, i dont' have any spare cash for guns anway... time to start whoreing myself out at school for gun and ammo money
Link Posted: 8/24/2005 3:38:32 PM EDT
^Hehe, I know what you mean.^

I am trying to patiently wait it out. Only thing that sucks is I read on another thread that it will take an additional few months to get my pistol permit.

Is that another process or do you just request it after you get approved for an FID?

Link Posted: 8/25/2005 7:26:31 PM EDT
You should have applied for BOTH at the same time. How each township deals with it is up to them. They can rape you for another $54.00 or run an SBI on you for $18.00 which takes a few weeks.

WELCOME to the wonderful world of NJ gun policy!!!

(you are coming to the ALL GUNNERS OF NJ meet up tacked at the top of this forum this Saturday to try and change this B.S. ...correct?)

Link Posted: 8/26/2005 6:53:07 AM EDT

Originally Posted By RAYWOODROW3RD:
You should have applied for BOTH at the same time. How each township deals with it is up to them. They can rape you for another $54.00 or run an SBI on you for $18.00 which takes a few weeks.

WELCOME to the wonderful world of NJ gun policy!!!

(you are coming to the ALL GUNNERS OF NJ meet up tacked at the top of this forum this Saturday to try and change this B.S. ...correct?)


I did apply for both (checking both boxed at the top of the form). I know there is an extra charge of about $2 per handgun purchase permit and $5 for an FID card, which is after the FID (hopefully) gets apporved.

Not sure about Sat, hoping to make it down there later in the day.

Link Posted: 9/10/2005 4:52:23 PM EDT
I've been wating since 7/29/05 for my FID and havn't gotten it yet.

Now, when I finally get my FID, how does one go about purchasing an AR? I've called a dealer about that question a week ago and he said purchasing one is no different from buying a 10/22 (assuming the AR is in a NJ legal config), but dont you have to get some "assualt firearm" licence that costs $75 to purchase and expires in 2 years time in addition? This has been bugging/confusing me to all hell for the past month and I'd love to figure out how it all works.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 6:16:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2005 6:19:54 PM EDT by Dmitrius]
No, you don't have to get an assault weapon permit. As long as your AR is NJ legal it is not considered an assault rifle. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.
Link Posted: 9/10/2005 9:55:58 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/10/2005 9:56:52 PM EDT by GoingIncognito]
As long as it's a legal long gun in the state of NJ, you don't need any other permit other than a FID card.
Link Posted: 9/11/2005 8:30:14 AM EDT

Originally Posted By GoingIncognito:
As long as it's a legal long gun in the state of NJ, you don't need any other permit other than a FID card.

So, a NJ-legal version of an AR counts as a long-gun, right? From how I see it now, this 2 yea, $75r permit crap is just going to make owning an old pre-ban feature gun hard in NJ, right?
Link Posted: 9/11/2005 10:01:37 AM EDT

Originally Posted By EndofGoogle:
So, a NJ-legal version of an AR counts as a long-gun, right? From how I see it now, this 2 yea, $75r permit crap is just going to make owning an old pre-ban feature gun hard in NJ, right?

Pretty much, yeah. You only need an Assault Weapon Permit if you have a weapon classified as an "assault weapon" by the ban. However, don't get your hopes up on getting one of those permits anyway, as they're not handed out like candy as I understand.
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