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Posted: 2/26/2007 6:39:01 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/26/2007 6:49:52 AM EST by CRC]

Right now it's illegal to be off your property with ANY KIND of firearm during an emergency or riot

This bill looks like it would change that

Link Posted: 2/26/2007 7:56:56 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 8:20:35 AM EST
It appears to exempt any "firearm" considered to be a dangerous weapon, allowing any "firearm" to be taken off-property in a state of emergency. Am I misreading this?
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 2:29:13 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/28/2007 2:20:01 PM EST by divkat9]
Of all the stupid rules for CCW in NC I hate this one the most.

ETA- the law in it's current form.
Link Posted: 2/27/2007 4:40:28 AM EST
Okay, I read it through five times now... What's the problem? It changes the law so that they can't confiscate our arms it states of emergency and specifically says we can carry arms and ammunition during those times. Are you reading it wrong?
Link Posted: 2/27/2007 1:52:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/27/2007 1:53:57 PM EST by AllserviceBilliards]
Last time I read NC CCW law, it prohibited carrying in a place of emergency. I couldn't imagine a more foolish law. This is definately an improvement. Hopefully it goes through.
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