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Posted: 2/28/2006 2:06:18 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/28/2006 2:13:49 PM EDT by Scot45]
First, let me start off by saying that up until 2 weeks ago, I did not know of Line of Fire, LLC nor did I know/know of Joe Nizzari. This all came about because I saw a thread below about adding guns to your CCW, which is something I needed to do. I called Joe just to inquire about adding two guns, and after we talked for over an hour, he said " why don't you just take the whole CCW course again, you might learn something new." I figured what the heck, I'm always open to learn more about firearms.

I also thought it might be interesting to see the difference between the class taught by Line of Fire, and the other local classes. I originally took my CCW course approx. 7 months ago with one of the three big shops here in town. From what I have learned from others, all of the classes offered by most of the big name shops are one day, and the content is very similar.

First I'll give a quick review of my first CCW class. It was approx. 8 hours long. We watched 3 videos that dealt with the legal issues pertaining to CCW. We went over the basic safe guns handling rules, i.e. always point in a safe direction, etc. We received a nice little political lecture about guns and control. Never once did our guns even come out of our cases, nor did the instructor even ask us what we were shooting. There was never a safety check, they didn't even ensure we knew what we were doing before we hit the range. All the shooting we did was the qualification course. There was ZERO TRAINING.

Basically it was a joke. CCW is a huge responsibility, and with my first class, if you could pass a test that a chimp with one arm could pass, and you could just barely score a 70% on the shooting portion, you were deemed good to go and carry a firearm. Now for many of us with an extensive shooting background, this is fine. But you have to remember that the overage Joe off the street has zero training. It scares me to think of the people walking the streets with a CCW. Just remember, when you are in that bank hold up, you may be the one between Mr. IshotmygunonceCCW and the bad guy.

Now for Line of Fire's CCW class. First, it is two full days. On Saturday, we met at 0900 sharp. First, since we covered so much, I'll list it below:

-NRA Safe Gun Handling Rules.
-Revolvers, their operations, pros, cons, use, feeding, care.
-The different types of discharges, AD, ND, etc.
-Ammunition, what types, components, uses, concerns, penetration, care, etc. Basically everything you could think of.
-Critical areas on a human target.
-Every type of malfunction and how to clear it.
-Fundamentals of handgun shooting, stances, sight picture, etc.
-Types of semi-auto handguns, and the pros and cons of each

We also spent over an hour cleaning our guns. Yes, we had to actually bring a cleaning kit and clean them. You do know that is a requirement to get your CCW right? And I'm sure all the other shops are ensuring that you know how to safely disassemble you handgun, clean it PROPERLY, and reassemble it correctly. I actually learned a lot, and I thought I was the expert at cleaning guns, especially after all my military time.

The shooting stance lecture was especially good. We all think we know the proper way to stand and grip your gun. Joe actually made you stand and show how you held your gun, and then he gave pointers to improve you stance.

Day two we had an extensive legal brief on CCW. The is critical because you truly had better know the law if you carry a firearm. Joe actually provides you with several thick handouts, including one with the Nevada Revised Statutes. I can't believe I did not get this in my last class. How are you expected to truly know and understand the law, if you don't even have a copy of it?

Next we all met at the Boulder City Gun Range. Don't plan on just firing your 36 shots and leaving. Instead, you will fire approx. 200 rounds, and then qualify. You will fire from both the standing and kneeling position, as we as from the ready position, and one handed both right and left. Safety was always paramount -in fact Joe even had to dismiss one student who was shooting in an unsafe matter. Again, I went to the range thinking I'm Mr. Spec ops, I'm gonna teach you a thing or two. Nope, Joe corrected me several times, and even pointed out when I was being unsafe. I got humble real quick and learned a few new tricks. Oh yeah, I also had a blast.

In short, I was extremely impressed with Line of Fire and Joe Nizzari. I will actually be going back for more training. I will also be sending both my mom and girlfriend to one of his all women CCW class. There is no way in hell I'd let either take the class somewhere else. We had one lady who HAD NEVER EVEN HELD A GUN, LET ALONE SHOOT ONE until the CCW class. But because Joe's class is so extensive, she got a great foundation in all aspects of using a handgun, and she actually outshot all but two of us on the range. Oh yeah, I'd put her at about 60 years old, 5'-5". 120 lbs, shooting a Sig p228. She would have failed right out in another CCW class - but because she got to fire over 200 rounds before hand, and receive effective instruction as she went, she did great, and is now hooked on shooting.

Again, this is not some sort of scam to bring more business to Line of Fire. I truly believe in commending a quality product, and letting others know - especially when it comes to something as serious as carrying a deadly weapon. Do a search on some of the well-known gun sites and you will find several other testimonials that I have written for other outstanding products. I look forward to shooting much more with Line of Fire, and to top it all off, Joe is just a really friendly guy. He puts you at ease, and his style of instruction is outstanding. Trust me when I say a CCW class can get real boring, real quick. Joe keeps it interesting, which I really appreciated.

So basically it is up to you where you go. You can go take some cheesy cookie cuter class taught by the career gun store commander, or someone whith an extensive military, police, and security background who's only job for the past ten years has been to run Line of Fire, LLC and teach firearms classes. As a Lt transfering to the Reserves, I must admit I'm biased in favor of people who have been military or police, just because I know they have recieved more structured training and have been challenged more than the average tacticool gun counter commando.
Link Posted: 3/1/2006 2:31:45 PM EDT
Big +1

I've been to one of joe's classes very thorough, good Great instructor, and just a class act.

Link Posted: 3/1/2006 3:12:39 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/6/2006 12:18:11 PM EDT
Thanks for the great review Scot45. And thanks for your positive comments Mostow241 and WP.

I am really pleased that Scot45 enjoyed the course recently. It is always good to know that an experienced shooter is receiving new and positive skills from my courses.

When my students come away with new information and skills they didn't possess before they came to class I know that I am doing my job. And that makes what I do even more worthwhile.

Thanks again guys.

Be Safe.


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