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Posted: 10/14/2004 1:41:22 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 2:33:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 2:45:40 PM EDT
looks nice!

if FOTBR had welded it it'd look like complete crap.....

FOTBR needs to work on his welding skills.

This message inspired by TNO
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 4:09:57 PM EDT

Originally Posted By JAFO:
So does the whole platform slide back and tilt like a roll-back truck?

Yep I put a lot of little wheels and bearings in the center for quiet operation and to keep the sub frame center. The last one I built was a more simple design but made a hell of a lot of noise when the deck was moved on the sub frame.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 7:20:09 PM EDT
Gonna weigh too much me thinks.

It's upside down in the shots right, so the main carriage is yet to be decked and it will slide from the subframe which is on top in the photos. Motive force? Hydraulics? More weight.

What is the estimated tounge weight? A 14000lb car trailer is light compared to that, you may need three axles with "JUICE" brakes, you know surge brakes.

What are you haulin with and what is the intended load?

Good luck.

Railgun.... 95 utility trailers in 2 years independant.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 9:35:56 PM EDT
Trailer will weigh about 1500lbs and I have two 5200lbs axles. Materials cost around $3500 so its going to have to work the first time. I have built one of these before and it was stolen. This one will be very similar but more complex and should be able to haul around 10k LBs. I have a one ton 4x4. To slide the bed you pull the pins on the sub frame, lock the brakes, and drive forward or back to slide the bed. A two wheel drive will not slide the bed forward under a load. And my truck may not slide the bed forward if the load were to be 10k lbs and parked on gravel. Thats where I would have to use ramps. But with this type of trailer I can haul a low rider car or truck and not get hung up. I will also be using it to haul materials for remodels, Wood from tree toping, general towing of cars and trucks. Let me get it finished and I will post pictures. I have 13 years of welding stuff with mig and stick. Now I need to figure out how to tig.
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 4:10:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/15/2004 4:15:10 AM EDT by Railgun]
Looks like my shop, Millermatic 250, I have syncrowave 350 TIG.
I have a design in mind that uses a slotted set of rails that look sort of like a J shape but rotated 90 degrees or laid down so the J hook is to the front of the trailer and acts as the bed lock/seat. If you angle the J arm shall I say so that it angles down towards the back of the trailer so that it brings the bed down towards the ground when extended. Hydraulics is the motive force and is the component that is joined in the rail design. When the ram starts pushing back it is in the Jhook section of rail and lifts the initial couple of inches of the bed to disengage the tabs that lock the trailer bed in place. As it traverses the Jhook and then down the arm of the rail it raises the front of the bed and holds the angle as it travels back and down towards the ground. Works slick and no slam bam trying to drive the tow rig to move the bed around. Should allso have a deck winch for the non rollers or disabled.

So where abouts are you in WA? I'm in Arlington.


{edit}I see now that you have built a gravity or over center pivot bed....I get it now. DUH!{/edit}
Link Posted: 10/15/2004 7:03:06 AM EDT
Very near Puyallup.
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