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Posted: 1/3/2007 6:54:39 PM EDT
thats pronounced PissBedShitPants surprised the hell outta me this evening, had just finished cleaning my RIA and it was laying on the table while I worked on another when PissBed comes up and says:

"Hey ND, I know how to shoot this --> pointing towards the 1911"

so I reply "yeah man?, pick it up and show me"

so he picks it up and goes through the discriptions on the basic steps to load and shoot,

He says "First you stick this (mag) into the bottom of the gun (right there), then you pull this thing back (slide), hey ND this things broke, it won't close"

so I tell him it doesn't have any bullets in the mag so it won't close, so I close the slide and engage the safety then ask him whats next?

so he picks it back up and says "You gotta push this dilly (points to the safety and disengages) till you hear it snap, then you hold it down like this and pull (he sights down the slide and pulls the trigger) this and it shoots, (snaps his fingers) just like that"

so I ask "Hey PissBed, how'd you learn to load and shoot a pistol?"

he sets it back down on the table shrugs his shoulders and says "I seen it on TV"

then he walked back in the living room to watch some tv;

so I tell him "he man, don't be messing round with guns unless I'm there, OK"

he just nods his head and gives me the finger.

little dudes dense most times, but he damn sure picked up how to load and shoot a semiauto pistol, I don't know what cartoons show he's been watching, but I know I'm gonna have to do some a bit of safe handling practice in case one of his friends at school or somewhere shows him one,

I figure that'll be better than only telling him to stay away from the kid, cause kids always gonna look at a gun when their buds show'em one.
Link Posted: 1/4/2007 3:47:50 AM EDT
Brother L, the more safe practices you can teach that boy, the better off you will be. Matt was shooting revolvers at 5 - a Mdl 34 22/32 Kit Gun - and semiautos - Colt Match Target, Sig 226 - by age 7. I was a Hunter Safety Instructor for over 10 years and I know first hand the kids will ALWAYS gravitate to a handgun if left in the open, just from taking some of my handguns to classes.
Anyway, even nowadays, Matt doesn't like going to gun shows because of the sloppy safety practices. He doesn't like to see hanguns being waved about or pointed. He's been that way since he was 6 or so. I once backhanded him for being careless with a 22 and he's been very safety conscious ever since.
I once left a semauto handgun in a holster on the desk in the office. Matt and his buddies would go in there and play computer games and they saw the handgun. One of the kids picked it up, I heard Matt yelling at him to put it down - he didn't want anyone handling the gun but him or me. I walked around the corner and put was putting the gun in a lockable drawer in the desk. When he saw me, he ate my ass out for leaving the gun unsecured.
Not bad for a 10 yo at the time!
If you are going to let kids shoot handuns, you can't be too safe nor can you be too well disciplined. The stronger you can instill safety and good gun handling skills in a kid, the better off you will be. He'll also grow up to teach others....which is a great thing in itself.
Link Posted: 1/4/2007 10:50:10 AM EDT
I worked with my oldest girl when she was 5, she liked the j frame I have better than the 22/45semi, she turned out to be a pretty decent shooter,

my youngest didn't dig the gun thing, she knew how to load and handle them, but prefered driving the bigfoot truck they had more.

I only see PBSP a few times a month, but he's smart and should pick up some good habits quick, his older bro a different story.
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