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10/20/2017 1:01:18 AM
9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/8/2005 5:52:01 PM EDT
Well its that time of the month again for our friendly WHIDPA Carbine (multi gun) match in Eagle Lake Texas.

What: Multi gun match
Where: Eagle Lake Texas Directions:
When: Saturday 13 August, First rounds downrange at 0845
Match Fee: $15

What are we gonna do you wonder..........
1. Bay A pistol - rifle transition 6 pistol 24 rifle scored shots
2. Bay B Rifle Only 33 scored shots
3. Bay C Unknown Pistol - Rifle Transition 6 pistol 24 rifle scored shots.
4. Bay D Shotgun 4 slug and 7 birdshot
5. 100 yard shots at three flash targets engaged twice, probably from a new position.

You will need eye and hearing protection, a sling on your rifle might
be handy.
DO NOT forget water and sun screen!!

Match Philosophy:
The primary emphasis of the Multi-Gun/Tactical Match is on self
improvement, familiarity with your everyday carry equipment, and fun
(as opposed to strict competition).

For your safety, eye and hearing protection are to be worn at all
times while anyone is shooting. This includes spectators as well as

Handguns: Semiautomatic and revolver type handguns may be used. If
the handgun has a user actuated safety, it should be in good working
order and used.

Many handgun stages require the shooter to draw from a holster. Cross
draw holsters and shoulder holsters are prohibited! Holsters which
are ill-fitting or without adequate mechanism to retain the weapon
while shooter is moving may not be used. The final decision as to the
adequacy of your holster resides with the Match Director or Safety
Officer. Generally we go by IDPA holster guidlines. We do allow thigh
rigs as long as they are stong side and vertical in orientation.
Long guns: Rifles and shotguns should be equipped with a sling or
carry strap, working safety (if applicable), and optic or iron sights.

No tracer, armor piercing (AP), or armor piercing incendiary (API)
ammunition. Steel jacketed ammo is fine, steel core is not.
Unacceptable ammo includes US M855, European SS109, and Canadian C77
steel-core .223 ammunition. For pistols, jacketed, cast lead, or
hollow point ammo is acceptable. Birdshot is to be used when shooting
bowling pins and of course slugs for slug stages.

All guns used in the match are assumed to be in a safe and working
condition. If the weapon has a safety, it is expected to be in good,
working order. All stages start with the weapon's safety on.

Revisions and updates Saturday morning
Bob W
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