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[rant mode on]
WHAT A FUCKST!CK!!! I HATE the impotence of the Minneapolis PD, and we might as well design a red & white striped tent-style rooftop for the Minneapolis PD in downtown!!! Make it look more like the circus that it REALLY is... And it'll be even WORSE with Chief Moose in the office.

I had to buy another F#CKING can of FREEZE+P because I had to mace someone last week on my way home from campus later thursday evening in the northern side of the Prospect Park projects neighborhood. On my way home from class some dipshit threw a bottle at me when he was drunk & shouting something unintelligible (why is it when bums are drunk they can't enunciate even the most simple words), waving his fist, (I calmly tried to ignore him & continue on my way) and then he walked quickly up to me. The second his fist drew back to hit me he got a full blast of Freeze +P in the face, arms, the works... Wasted a WHOLE CAN on this prick! Dumbass fell to the ground & I walked the rest of the way home.

WTF is WRONG with this city??? I saw on the news that over 100 some MPD officers were laid off in the past year or so!!! WHY??? Crime is F#CKING RAMPANT again after a two-year lull. The bank I ALWAYS go to was robbed just last week!

BTW, even though I know pretty much all of you carry your CCW guns, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you also carry mace of some type. It takes care of 99% of all altercations (those that don't require lethal force).

I know the macho-macho-village-people-men like Bj here (J/K Amigos) will say they can handle a fight with any man they encounter, and defend themselves just fine. Perhaps you can, I'm not saying those of you that think such a thing cannot be effectively handled... I have a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and have only used it once. It's a last resort if you're UNARMED, and the assailant was let in too close (likely because you weren't being aware of your surroundings).

My point is [SULLY Quote]WHY TEST IT?[/SULLY Quote]

COLT made men equal; That's true in reference to lethal force. Mace often gives you the upper hand in any NON-LETHAL confrontation. How can an opponent fight if they cannot see? If they continue their fight, you can easily beat the piss out of them. If they draw a weapon, and you feel your life is in immediate danger, SHOOT THEM. It's that simple.

I NEVER call MPD for help anymore (but clearly would if lethal force was necessary). Like last week, I knew the guy would be up & long gone before the cops ever got anywhere near me or the perp even IF I had a cell phone to call the police (which I did not). My experience with MPD is an average response time of 21 minutes to a life-threatening call. That's pathetic. No offense to any Minneapolis PD officers, or other Police officers that may read this. I have a GREAT deal of respect for Peace officers/LEOs, as even my brother is one. I'm sorry if you take offense to this, but I simply have a problem with the bureaucracy of the Minneapolis PD. They simply SHOULD NOT have spread their force so thin... It's not the officers' fault that the MPD average time that I've experienced was 21 minutes (and once taking over 1hr 5 minutes), but it's the DEPARTMENT'S fault for improper allocation of resources and pulling so many officers off the street. It DOES affect the community.

Thankfully suburbs and St Paul hasn't had this massive decrease in numbers... I don't know if it's crime in MPLS alone, or crime in just the areas surrounding the University? It's a problem nevertheless.

Thank GOD for FREEZE +P.

Hey, Sully, Where did you buy that Fox stuff you have with the high S.H.U. rating??? Streicher's doesn't carry it, and I've been thinking of carrying that for a while. It's just that Freeze +P has been so instantly effective for me in the past I'm not sure I really want to try something else. I've tried First Defense (I think) MK IV, and it had a delayed reaction when I used it. The second time I tried to use it, it didn't work, the MN winter froze the can, and I had to break the guy's grip of me, and run (that happened right under Moos Tower on the Eastbank UMN Campus 5 yrs ago).

I can't WAIT until I graduate so I can GET TF OUT OF DODGE!!! As much as I dislike some suburbian stereotypes, it has GOT to be better than living in the city. Perhaps God has it in for me, and that's why I've had this much bad luck in the past 5 yrs I've lived here...
[/rant mode off]

Sorry guys, I'm just still a bit pissed off because somebody tried to assault me last week.

EDITED: WOW!!! MPLS PD's Report for August crime statistics IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD ALONE is:
2 Rapes, 1 Robbery, 1 Assault, 7 Burglaries, 6 Thefts, 5 Motor Vehicle Thefts, and 1 Arson... This in ONE MONTH, for only ONE neighborhood? My hood is the 33rd worst (crime wise) in the Month of August. It could be worse, I used to live in the 3rd worst hood (at the time I lived there)...

Edited again to add:

Just to add a visual...

Sorry for the pretty-much OT ranting... I'm just dissatisfied with MPD, and if this idiot gets the job, things will be INFINITELY WORSE!
Link Posted: 11/19/2003 11:43:15 AM EST
Comp-Tac sells Fox. www.comp-tac.com/
Link Posted: 11/19/2003 9:52:09 PM EST
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Link Posted: 11/20/2003 5:22:45 AM EST

Originally Posted By MidwestTactical:
With all the good I have heard about FOX I am also starting to carry it.


Glad to see that a local vendor is now offering good products at decent prices! I'll have to stop by & see your shop when I get the chance! I'm also glad to see that your business is SERVICE oriented, and customer service relations is important to your business. Businesses with rude people NEVER get my business, and first impression is a BIG issue with me in regards to businesses... The gunshop, surplus store, retailer, department store, etc... with the BEST personal customer service ALWAYS gets my business. Only in RARE cases where I absoluetely cannot afford something at my preferred store, I'll then get it at the cheaper one...
Link Posted: 11/20/2003 10:36:13 PM EST
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