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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 11/15/2012 7:59:10 PM EST
I and another individual have been milling it over and want to open a gun store. We feel like we could offer more than what is currently in our area in the way of service, gear and NFA items. What are y'all looking for that you are not currently seeing at the area stores?
Link Posted: 11/16/2012 7:31:52 AM EST
The first thing that comes to my mind is just no ridiculous marks ups. I know you'd have to make your money back, but some local stores get carried away. I'll talk to some of my friends and see if I can come up with some more suggestions, but if you get the ball rolling I'll definitely come check it out and try to spend some money.
Link Posted: 11/18/2012 5:31:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/18/2012 5:32:23 PM EST by Crsswift70]
I think ammo in sealed tin form would be a big seller right now. Apparently all guns are selling like hotcakes, but that may cause you to have issues with inventory due to shortages. You would need to cover some areas that Basspro and the like don't cover. Maybe cater to the "prepper" crowd a little more heavily. Ammo cans would be nice. Magazines are always needed and there is the current "scare" going on with those. Of course, all of this would have to be competitive with mail order.
Link Posted: 11/21/2012 9:33:32 PM EST
Stripped uppers and lowers at a decent price. reloading supplies. ammo that isn't marked up through the roof.
Link Posted: 11/22/2012 4:50:50 AM EST
A healthy in stock selection of supporting parts, mags, and accessories for the really popular platforms such as ARs, Glocks, M&Ps, etc., to include the mundane such as springs, pins, etc. Nothing cranks me off worse than to need a 95 cent roll pin and have to pay 5 bucks shipping for it. I realize you couldn't make a living at that but you'd probably become my "go to" store if everything else in the store was reasonable.
Link Posted: 11/23/2012 1:26:37 AM EST
I have what you are considering in NE MS.

First. did you notice the posts for the most part mention price..You won't be able to keep the doors open without a realistic markup. Especially if a brick and mortar paying rent or loan payments for the building.

The items wanted by people at a given point and time is ever changing. Making it difficult to get said items at a price that can be sold for profit. There will always be the person that can get this or that on the net cheaper. You'll have to just be honest and say I can't do that. Distributors are even having a hard time getting some things which makes it hard for the little guy.

Not trying to discourage you by no means.

Example, customers tell's another WalMart has the BoreSnakes cheaper. He tells the guy he had rather pay the $1.00 more here than the other place. It's 17 miles to that WalMart, some will drive there and back to save that $1.00. Never considering the costs involved [gas, insurance, wear]. Old saying "penny wise, dollar foolish" fits.

Everyone will have their hand in your pocket, County, City, State, and Federal before you even open the door. .

You know your area and whats needed. Better qustion is can you and your buddy fill that need and make a dollar? It takes capital to start, if borrowed you are in a hole already, especially if you are renting a location as well.

Just some things to consider if serious about this.

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