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Posted: 2/26/2007 4:49:24 PM EST
Missouri Legislative Alert!!!

Dear AR15.com Member,

The Castle Doctrine is in very deep trouble.
Please read the alert below take immediate action to make sure this important bill becomes law. There is a very serious problem with the bill in its current form that needs to be changed and that means we need YOU to make a phone call!

Read on for further details and then spread this message to every gun owner you know. WE MUST SPREAD THIS MESSAGE!!!



For Widest Possible Distribution

The two bills (SB 41 & 62) in the Senate concerning Castle Doctrine have been combined into a Senate Committee Substitute, SCS SB 41 & 62.

The Senate Committee Substitute (SCS) bill leaves out a very important protection for the victims of violent crime that is in the House version.

The House version clearly says you have *no duty to retreat* from a violent attack in your home, car or *anywhere you are lawfully allowed to be*.

Senator Goodman's SCS failed to include the *anywhere you are lawfully allowed to be* language! He does not think there is widespread support for this important provision.

Here is one example of why this is critical under the proposed Castle Doctrine bill:
Someone is breaking into your home, you have "No Duty to Retreat" prior to using deadly force to protect yourself and your family.

Someone is trying to pull you out of your car, you have "No Duty to Retreat" prior to using deadly force to protect yourself and your family.

Someone attacks you just prior to getting into your car, in the dark parking lot as you are putting groceries into your trunk, *you must retreat* if possible prior to protecting yourself or your family.

Doesn't seem right does it?

This is the time to be in contact with your Senator, particularly the bill sponsor, Senator Goodman.

We had the Senate Hearings on these two bills two weeks ago, and it went very well indeed. Over 30 people turned out in support of the full protection Castle Doctrine language.

Here is how to contact Senator Goodman via email:

or by phone or letter or fax:

Capitol Office:
Senator Jack Goodman
State Capitol Building
Room 331A
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-2234
Fax: (573) 526-9808

If you are in Senator Goodman's District #29, consisting of Taney, Stone, Ozark, Barry, Lawrence and McDonald counties, please contact him (or leave a message with his Capital staff) *today* and tell him you are a constituent of his and want the "anyplace you are lawfully allowed to be" language included.

All of the other Senators need to hear from you too on this issue.

Here's the link to finding your Senator:

just fill in your zip code in the search box.

Here is the link to easily contact them via email:

We need this one change to make a good bill great!
In SCS SB 41 &62, "or anyplace else you are lawfully allowed to be" MUST be added to protect victims of violent crime!
This covers parking lots etc. (i.e., anyplace other than your home/car).
This language is already in the House version which passed 143-3.
We are in favor of both House and Senate bills, *if* they contain the stronger language.

Your contact will make a difference.

Be Safe,
Tim Oliver
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 6:50:00 PM EST
Thanks for the post. I think its worth a phone call.

Justin W.
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