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Posted: 11/4/2009 5:26:14 PM EST
I am going to start working in Indiana next week and have a few questions about firearms laws/requirements while staying there.

I am a Michigan resident (not planning on changing residency to Indiana atm) with my CPL. I have an apartment in Ft Wayne I will stay at during the week, but it is not my legal residence.

My Michigan CPL is sufficient to carry while I am on business in Indiana, as I am only there 4-5 days a week and am not changing my residence, correct? No non-resident CPL is necessary as long as I'm legally a resident back in Michigan with a valid CPL?

Also, will I have any problems bringing/storing my handguns and rifles in my apartment in Ft Wayne? I don't know what the law is in this area. My Ft Wayne apartment is not my permanent residence, but it would be concidered my temporary residence, even if I'm not there I assume. So, can I store my guns there when I'm back home at my permanent residence? It would be a PITA to lug them back and forth with me.

Also, no toys for me (sbr) as I am not a permanent resident. Hmm, I wonder if I could set up a trust in Indiana using my apartment as the addy...

Link Posted: 11/4/2009 7:28:42 PM EST
You should be good. Since you will be maintaining your MI residency, and have a license to carry (it could be from anywhere, including MI & it is honored in IN) you can possess & carry your guns in IN. Just a reminder (not that it would likely be an issue), under federal law, since your license to carry is not issued in the state you'll be carrying in (Indiana), there is the 1000' victim disarmament zone around schools. Like I said, it shouldn't be an issue, as IN doesn't have a state law to that effect & most local LEO's would not enforce this & they would probably not call the ATF if you get pulled over in w/in 1000' of a school here.

On the trust idea, I think you could set one up in IN for the purpose of NFA purchase, but I am not nearly an expert on that. Might check w/ a lawyer ot the ATF/NFA branch.

Welcome to IN & I hear Ft. Wayne has some great places to eat!
Link Posted: 11/5/2009 2:08:23 AM EST
You should be good to go with your MI permit.

The only goofy Fort Wayne law is no carrying in city parks.

Storing the guns in your apartment should be fine but if you do, you might want to bring a safe. Crime isn't terrible here but I don't know if I would trust my guns in an apartment.

As far as local eats, If you like good old fashioned restaurants, look up Coney Island, downtown Fort Wayne. Been in the same location since 1914. Be sure to try the chili, it will give you a third option in the beans vs. no beans argument.
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