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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/6/2010 10:14:50 AM EDT
While I don't live in your district I would vote for you if I did. I only ask that you retire "Jim" the answer guy. I don't need his help, I'd like to hear more from YOU personally. Tell us what YOU think of the out of control spending. Tell us that when you go back to Congress you will look into putting some of the bankers that got us into this mess in jail. Please stop Congress from wasting time talking to baseball players about steroid use.

Ask why nobody is going to jail for this:
Last month, Barclays agreed to pay $298 million and admitted to allowing payments on behalf of clients in Cuba, Sudan and other countries. Lloyds Banking Group in London and Credit Suisse Group in Zurich—banks that operated extensive transfer systems for Iranian clients—have agreed to settlements totaling $350 million and $536 million.

So Lloyds and Credit Suisse works deals with the Iranians, who then fund the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. All the while we go after US Muslims for sending money to terrorist groups. What is the difference? Answer: There is none, except one has more money to buy influence. Oh it looks better for the rubes. Oh did I mention that the "fines" they we levied were a small percentage of their profits doing these deals? Crime does pay...if you have enough $$.

You are a Tea Party supporter; great so am I. Spend your time doing your own commercials and tell us that the single biggest issue now is the fact that every US citizen now owes $40,000 to the government due to the insane spending. Stop talking about taxing our beer. WE know several things; taxes will go up, social security will have to change, unemployment hovering at 10% will be here for several years. Besides the beer tax commercial sounds condescending, we are smarter than that.

The GOP has a good chance to win the house and possibly the Senate this year. As I remember it, the GOP helped get us in debt. Hell the GOP was just as good at spending as the Democrats. It looks like the GOP might have a second chance. Please for the country's sake DON'T SCREW THIS UP. I truly do not think the Republic can stand it.

Talk issues and more than just taxes, this problem is bigger than taxes alone.

Good luck,
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