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Posted: 5/2/2009 6:17:16 AM EDT
I just read in our State rag the Bangor Daily a State Senator, Dennis Damon is pushing to repeal the section of the adopted Homeland Security laws that force individuals entering the State of Maine and Wanting to obtain a drivers license or picture ID to prove they are legally in the United States. This is a blue state of major proportions, they (note I said they) allow anyone to arrive and live off the tax payer. Hell southern maine looks like Somalia.

My letter: Mr. Damon

I believe it is time for you to step down. Why my hard earned tax money is going to support individuals like you is waaaayyyyyyyy beyond my reasoning.
Your bill to allow any illegal to obtain IDs is one of the most anti American anti Maine bills I have ever read. Stop the madness and get with the program or look for another job.
I personally will be working and petitioning to have you removed.
With all due respect

Drop this drip a line if you have 5 minutes and give him a clue.   His website:   http://www.mainesenate.org/damon/index.htm
Man I am sick of this
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