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Posted: 9/9/2004 4:20:54 PM EDT
Please read - we must act NOW:

Last night 61 people, including myself and many of VCDL's Board of
Directors, turned out to speak at the MWAA hearing on changing their
weapon ban to only cover MWAA terminals and buildings that open onto
the airfield. The vast majority of the people in the room were VCDL
members. 14 people spoke and every one of them was in favor of
getting rid of the MWAA regulations on weapons. Not one single
anti-gunner even showed up! Besides VCDL members, the NRA lobbyist,
Dawson Hobbs, also spoke. After the hearing 12 of us went to a local
restaurant to eat.

Here's the kicker. Representing MWAA was two of their legal council
and a young lady working a recording device. Council politely
listened to each speaker but didn't really comment on anything.

So the hearing was being recorded and would be transcribed, but none
of the MWAA Board members even bothered coming to their own hearing!!!

Will the arrogance of these bureaucrats never end? Sounds to me like
they have already made up their minds and don't really want to get
public input after all. They just want to go through the motions of
doing so.

I drove all the way from Richmond and they couldn't drive 20 minutes
to attend a 2-hour meeting?

Well, I think they should hear from 3,300 of us anyway - what do you say?

Trouble is that we must act RIGHT AWAY, as the deadline for comments
is close of business tomorrow (Friday). Sorry for the short notice.

Suggested message:

Email to:


and CC:

James.Bennett@mwaa.com, advisory@mwaa.com, Naomi.Klaus@mwaa.com,
Leo.Rossiter@mwaa.com, Thomas.Sullivan@mwaa.com,
Tara.Hamilton@mwaa.com, Neal.Phillips@mwaa.com

Subject: Please Drop All MWAA Weapons Regulations

Dear Mr. Bennett,

I would urge MWAA to completely drop its weapons regulations and let
Federal and Virginia law control weapons in and around Virginia
airports. This would ensure that the laws for all Virginia airports
are consistent.

Since MWAA and Virginia have concurrent jurisdiction over MWAA
properties, any MWAA regulation dealing with weapons that conflicts
in any way with Virginia or Federal law would be thrown out in court.
The language that bans weapons from "any building that opens onto the
airfield" is a good example of just such a conflict.

Importantly, conflicting regulations will generate ill will with both
the community and with the General Assembly. And make no mistake,
the General Assembly has made its intentions on preemption crystal

MWAA helped create 18.2-287.01 by providing input to the General
Assembly and MWAA should now step aside and let that new law rule.

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL).
VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to
defending the human rights of all Virginians. The membership considers the
Right to Keep and Bear Arms to be an essential human right.

VCDL web page: http://www.vcdl.org
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 7:02:42 PM EDT
Done and
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 11:44:41 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/10/2004 1:15:36 PM EDT
There are reports they are simply deleting all of the e-mails with anything pro-freedom in the subject line without even reading them, but keep sending! These people have a lot of nerve....

I was at the MWAA hearings at the General Assembly last year when they promised they would drop all MWAA regs IF we passed SB660. SB660 hurt every airport outside of NOVA by banning legal carry in the non-sterile areas of the airport unless it was packed for travel by someone with a valid ticket. Keep in mind, this includes rental car areas and people like my wife who may come to pick me up at the airport. It also puts people who show up to buy a ticket in jeapordy, since they don't have a ticket at the time of entry on airport property.

We basically compromised security in our airports all across the State to fix NOVA - now they're renegging on their deal after we've screwed up the rest of Virginia. A public hearing is finally forced, and then they don't even show up to the meeting. Lastly, they are deleting all e-mails sent to them without reading them (actually sending a message back saying it wasn't read ).

They either fix this or we're going to have a heyday in the general assembly this year after they've lied to our representatives.

Black Fox
Link Posted: 9/11/2004 2:56:40 AM EDT

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